Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Visit to Baltimore

I just returned from a trip to Baltimore to visit my aunt who has been kicking cancer butt for over a year now. Since she’s been doing so well, we felt a girls celebration was in order—my mom (her big sis), my big sis, and one of my cousins all traveled to her home to spend a few days together. I hadn't seen my aunt in almost three years, and it was really good to visit with her and the other family members. It had been too long between visits, that's for sure!

Now, it was excruciatingly hot and humid in Baltimore—even though I’ve lived in the desert for most of my life, I’d forgotten how unbearable humidity can be. It’s the kind of weather where even lounging directly in front of the air conditioner is tiring—not to sound too cliché, but I’d take our 100+-degree dry heat any day!

We did get a chance to visit the Inner Harbor on one of the days we were there--of course, after approximately five minutes outside, we were dying from the aforementioned humidity. Seriously, we were wilting as soon as we stepped out of the car! (Note: Leaving the house at noon during the summer is probably not the wisest choice. Thank goodness for well-placed ice cream stands!) After wandering around for a little while, we decided to check out the Baltimore aquarium, since it promised not only fantastic fish, but also fantastic air conditioning. This proved to be a good move, although we were surrounded by what seemed like thousands of children running around. (Note: Visits to aquariums are probably more enjoyable when not going during school vacations ;-))

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics from that day (taken by my sis)—the first is with my lovely cousin, hamming it up in front of the USS Constellation, and the second is front of the USS Torsk, a WWII-era submarine. I dressed for our waterfront adventure in a blouse made from a 1940s pattern and WWII-era nautical print seersucker. I'm totally okay with thematic dressing!

And for fun, here’s a photo of the local “wildlife”!


  1. Your outfit looks perfect for romping around town on a hot day. I agree, humidity is awful! So glad that your aunt is doing better!

  2. haha...wildlife! You gals look awesome!

  3. Thanks, Gingerella--she's not out of the woods yet but still fighting hard.

    Baroness--they were having a good ol' time up there and hammed it up even more when they saw my sister taking a pic lol

  4. Aww, looks like a blast!
    I live 2 hrs from Baltimore!

  5. You look adorable! I love your outfit! And yes, humidity is no fun! Give me a dry heat anyday!

    It's wonderful you all got to visit your aunt. I hope she gets well soon.

  6. i love your top and your hair. you look so cool. and there is just a sweetness about you that always shines through, whether you're in a va-va-voom photo shoot or hanging out with your friends and family. it's so nice that you got to spend time with your family. and i'm so with you about the humidity factor! for some reason, humidity doesn't bother me when i'm in hawaii, mainly because i'm doing a lot of lounging around, but when i'm sightseeing in the east coast on a humid day, i just start to melt. i'm all about the dry heat too! it's just one of the many reasons i love the inland east bay where i live.

  7. by the way, i like the "local wildlife" shot. teehee. tall, dark, and handsome works for me.

  8. It's to bad you came to visit last week and this past weekend when it was 70% humidity! That was a really bad week! Today it's a simply gorgeous sunny breezy and 80 degrees with no humidity day! Oh well. B-more is a fun town!


  9. I absolutely love your outfit!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  10. Ooh where did you get your sunglasses from? I have been searching for some nice 40s sunglasses which seem to be non-existent or way overpriced, grr!
    I love you top, perfect for a sunny day. And I love that "wildlife" shot too, so funny!

  11. I'll second, or third, or fourth the adorable outfit comment. I see great bone structure and natural posing ability must run in your family.

  12. Thanks for the compliments on my outfit, ladies :-) I love seersucker—it’s so cool and crisp, and it travels well too!

    This is my second time visiting Baltimore; I've never really gotten to tour the city, but I've enjoyed my stay both times! I love the houses and it's always nice to see greenery for a change! Hopefully the next time I visit I’ll get to explore more 

    Welcome to Deluxville--we did have two evenings that were nice and cool, and we took advantage by sitting outside :-)

    Stefanie--I actually found them at Urban Outfitters. They came in pink and gray, both with green lenses. I need to go back and grab a second pair as a backup, if they still have them!