Monday, January 25, 2010

Makeup Mondays–Headturning Hedy

This week's Makeup Mondays article is all about Hedy Lamarr--I hope you enjoy it!

Any votes for the star you'd like to see next week?

Amanda Lee

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Only Oldies Calendar Signing

Last night, I headed down to the Pavilions car show to promote my 2010 calendar for Only Oldies Classic Auto. Despite the cold weather, the show was packed due to the Barrett-Jackson auction that took place this week. I spent about two hours autographing the calendars--300 in total--and had lots of fun checking out the amazing autos while listening to vintage tunes. It was quite windy and damp, and so I had to wear a jacket most of the evening, but Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures snapped a few photos of me sans jacket so that I could show off the fabulous Miss Scarlet Street Floral blouse by Able Grable.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lana's Look

Yesterday I posted the next installment of my Makeup Mondays vintage face series over at AlleyKatsStore --this week's look is all about Lana. I hope you enjoy it; I'm looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions for stars to feature!



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring Fancies

Now that it's mid-January, I am ready for spring! I'm funny that way; I love chilly weather from October through December, but after New Year's I'm ready for warmer days again. Of course I know I'm silly, here in Arizona there is hardly ever a shortage of warm weather, so it's probably best not to wish the cool temps away!

Regardless, I'm still thinking about my spring wardrobe, having been inspired by a recent fabric purchase, a brightly-colored Japanese design. The shades of jadeite and bright pink give the print a very fresh feel, don't you think? I plan on turning it into a blouse, something crisp and eye-catching.

A few pattern ideas:

I love the keyhole and peplum details on this blouse:

I've made this blouse up several times and love it:

I love this dress pattern too--perhaps I could pair the fabric with a coordinating solid:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outfit of the Night

Tonight my Sweetie and I had dinner at a fabulous Thai restaurant and went to the movies (we saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was an amazing movie!) I always enjoy dressing up for our dates--tonight I wore one of my newer purchases, a Trashy Diva dress I've been eyeing since last year, and found on sale on eBay. I can't resist a good sale!
Trashy Diva Cinnabar Print Day Dress
Nude Fully Fashioned Stockings from Christel
1940s Black Suede Ankle Strap Heels with Gold-trimmed "Flowers"
1950s Bakelite Mah Jong Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings
Gardenia in Hair
Lip Ink Red Lipstick

Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Formal

A few photos from the Rockabilly Yules Winter Formal that took place on December 26--as you can see, I wore my customized Able Grable "Ice Princess" frock! This was another benefit for the troops; four bands played and Hostess Brenda Lee (that's her with me in the last pic) and I sold raffle tickets and photos to raise money for the troops. The event was a success!

If any of you ladies would be interested in having a frock like mine, hurry over and talk to the wonderful Able Grable about creating your own custom design!

Amanda Lee

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not vintage, but I'm sure you won't mind...


Because the cuteness is just too much! After working on our parents for quite some time, my sister and I finally wore them down—and they are now the proud owners of a pair of cute (and super busy) standard poodle pups. I'm not sure they've forgiven us yet (refer back to that "super busy" remark) but I say hey--remember that time I asked Santa for a collie puppy, and I got a letter back saying Santa was all out of collie pups that year? Well, looks like his "helpers" found a couple of poodles this year ;-)


Anyway, the two are named Lucy and Desi--and so far, Lucy has lived up to her name and gotten into plenty of trouble (while Desi looks on it horror--"Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Trails

So here I am, playing catch up again! Darn my day job--they're expecting me to work this week. The nerve! Oh well, they gave me a raise, so who am I to complain ;-)

1950s Red Lace Dress
Black Patent Belt
Full Fashioned Stockings
Black Patent Heels
1950s red and clear rhinestone drop earrings
Note: I ended up changing the belt to a red satin one, and the shoes to my clear Lucite pair, to go with a Lucite purse
My Sweetie is wearing the hot pink belt I got him for Christmas!

Anyway, my Sweetie and I celebrated New Year's Eve with cocktails at a swanky restaurant, followed by dinner at another restaurant. We returned home just in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square--all in all, it was a wonderful night!

On New Year's Day, my Sweetie and his band played at a really neat place called Western Trails, just outside of Morristown He and I have been working on some songs together (he's teaching me to sing harmony) and one of the gals snapped a few photos of us stage.
He's wearing the rockin' hot pink western jacket I found him for Christmas, and I'm wearing the 1950s fringed leather jacket he surprised me with. In these photos we're singing the Waylon Jennings version of "Big Mamou."