Saturday, April 24, 2010

Able Grable Chorus Girl

A few photos of the Miss Scarlett Street Blouse in raspberry satin, taken by Atomic Age Pictures! This is a versatile top that can be dressed up or down with ease--it's a must-have wardrobe staple!
Amanda Lee

1950s Black Velvet Shorts
Polka Dot Tights
1950s Black Velvet Heels
1950s black plastic and rhinestone earrings
Besame Wild Orchid Lipstick

Monday, April 19, 2010

Arizona Matsuri Festival

A few photos from the Tokyo Girls show at the Matsuri festival, which took place February 27-28. For this show, I wore a white cotton faille dress dating to the early 1940s, with multicolored 40s platforms and telephone cord purse, and red Bakelite jewelry. Our next Tokyo Girls show will be at the Phoenix Comicon at the end of May; I've never been to Comicon before--it should be quite fun!


All photos taken by Zemnick Photographer

And the Winner Is...

For the Boys, named by Alisa!

Thanks to all who submitted names--I thought your entries were very creative and thoughtful, and had a really hard time choosing!

Amanda Lee

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the Mood

The Phoenix Art Museum’s current fashion exhibition is an amazing 1940s collection called In the Mood. The museum is also hosting a wonderful WWII lecture and event series in conjunction with the exhibit, the first of which took place last Wednesday. I was able to attend with several friends, and suffice it to say we had a grand time!

When I say the exhibit is amazing, I mean that the pieces on display are utterly droolworthy! With everything from killer platforms to striking cocktail dresses in the collection, it was hard to pull ourselves away; there were quite a few pieces I would like to have in my own closet! I am definitely planning on attending the other events tied in to this show, schedule permitting; with titles like “Rosie the Riveter and the Arsenal of Democracy” and “From Duty to Beauty”, how can I not go? If you happen to be in the area, do try to go!

Amanda Lee

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer Wishes and an Update Promise

I must apologize for my lack of VLV follow-up; we had a grand time but I haven’t gotten any pics back yet. Of course I did bring my own camera, but I can never remember to use it. Plus, I spent much of the weekend carting around at least one extra bag (though I did try to behave when it came to vintage shopping, really I did!), which made it difficult to manage taking photos as well (indeed, I can be a bit of a klutz.) I will say that it was a fab weekender overall, and I hope to go back next year! I’ll also add that the fashion show was quite the fun experience, though I missed most of the show as the designer I modeled for was the second to last entry in the program, and we had to wait backstage until show time. I did meet some lovely ladies though, and saw many amazing designs! Stephanie of Dottie’s Delights is a real doll, and so talented! I daresay I could have taken home her entire collection—it’s truly amazing! Here’s one photo of the group, for now!

Anyway, since I’ve gone and disappeared for ages again (and with no excuse really, just been busy with work and such) I thought I’d do a little post on my fashion inspirations of the moment. A wish list of sorts, you could say! Soon I’ll follow with photos and a recap from VLV, as well as some updates on my recent sewing projects :-)

Because I think a gal can never have too many nautical fashions, a sailor dress or playsuit is most definitely on my season list.

I’m in search of fabric to make up this darling pajama set—something tropical, I think.

I’ve been lusting after these tooled wedges from Remix for ages. I have a near deadstock 40s pair in red, but I’ve gone through three vintage pairs of natural leather heels—for some reason these just don’t seem to last through one or two wears for me! So, I think a reproduction pair is in order, especially to wear with peasant blouses and skirts this summer.

A tie top and shorts set--I do have this set almost finished, so that will be ready to be put into summer rotation soon!

Another bolero from the wonderful Dixabilly was on my wishlist—she just made up this bolero for me in a cherry red shade. I’ve worn it three times already; as the weather heats up, the air conditioning in my office becomes more and more arctic. Having a sweater handy means that at least my arms won’t get frostbite!

I’ve also been on the search for a new snood, like this one—the seller is customizing this design for me, and I am excited for it to arrive! Snoods are wonderful for days when your hair refuses to cooperate, or when it’s sweltering and you don’t feel like fussing with it!

Amanda Lee

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Name This Frock contest--there's only a few days left to do so! Those of you who've already entered have submitted some wonderful names--it's going to be hard to choose one!