Monday, May 31, 2010

Tokyo Girls at the Phoenix Comicon

The Tokyo Girls performance this weekend was a complete success--our practice and dedication really paid off! So far, I have only received a couple of pictures from the shows this weekend. This one was taken by my good friend Garry Wilmore, who attended the Saturday performance. You can't see my whole outfit, but I wore a fab reproduction sailor outfit made by Allure Originals, along with a "dixie cup" sailor hat that belonged to my uncle's son. I'll be sure to post more photos as soon as I can!
Amanda Lee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She Wears a Pair of Silver Wings

For my second outfit on Sunday, I wore an amazing WWII midriff nightie set and robe made from parachute silk. Matilda's Vintage Closet graciously loaned it to me for the shoot, and I think it was perfect given the aviation theme! I wish I had this wonderful piece in my collection, but it belongs to the shop museum :-)

Amanda Lee

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ann Darrow Takes Flight

At the Commemorative Air Force Museum! I had a fantastic photo shoot with Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures--we shot five outfits in five hours, with three planes and a jeep! This series was taken in Able Grable's divine Ann Darrow frock--ain't she sweet?

Amanda Lee

Fashion Spot

I was quite surprised to find a photo of my Sweetie and I in the May issue of Java Magazine! The pic was snapped at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival--I'm wearing a muslin peasant blouse made from a 1940s pattern, a 1940s-50s Southwestern print skirt, a 1950s tooled belt, and matching tooled wedges.
Amanda Lee

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Latest Finds

Because a girl can never have too many Bakelite cherries!

And since the hot weather makes me want to dress in tropical attire, I just couldn't say no to this 1940s jersey frock in a splashy pink and red anthurium print.

So, tell me about your latest finds!

Amanda Lee

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tokyo Girls

I thought I'd share this video from the Tokyo Girls' performance at the Matsuri Festival. The video was shot by Luis Luna and edited by Mark Zemnick.

Our next performance at the Phoenix Comicon is fast approaching! We've all been working hard--I've even been working on a whole new act for this show--hope you can make it!

Amanda Lee

Monday, May 3, 2010

Arthelia's Attic Giveaway

The lovely Naomi of Arthelia’s Attic, maker of my favorite snood, is having a giveaway over at her blog! Do stop by to enter for a chance to win a wonderful goodie bag, including one of her classic snoods in the color of your choice.

Amanda Lee

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calendar Girl

Photo and Film by Atomic Age Pictures

Wearing the Able Grable Ready Hedy
Christel Stockings
Red Patent Betseyville Pumps
Red Cherries Necklace
1940s Red Bakelite Earrings
Gardenia and Red Fruit Hair Flower by My Sweet Corazon

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Vacation

1950s Red Bandanna Print Swirl Wrap Dress
1940s Lucite 'A' Pin
1940s Red Celluloid and Rhinestone Earrings
Red Hibiscus
Rocket Originals "Esther" Wedges

For my birthday, my Sweetie took me on a little vacation to Tucson and Bisbee. We've both been in need of a little getaway, and as we love exploring our home state, we decided to head down south again!
Bisbee 069

Bisbee 068

We stayed in Tucson first, spending the night at the Hotel Congress. The rooms at the hotel have maintained their wonderful vintage feel with wrought iron bed frames, tiny but original tiled bathrooms, and no televisions. They even continue to use the original switchboard telephone system! We had dinner that night at a delightful Italian restaurant, Caruso's, that had been recommended to us by our friend Syd. Our dinner was wonderful, and we plan on eating here the next time we visit! That evening we strolled around town, did a little shopping, and enjoyed the sights and balmy weather.

Preparing to kick butt at air hockey. And by kick butt, I mean lose all the games to my Sweetie!
Able Grable Ready Hedy Dress
Red Celluloid Button Necklace
Red Bakelite Earrings
Red Linen 40s Heels
Red Hibiscus

Bisbee 080Bisbee 087

The next day, we enjoyed breakfast at the Cup Cafe downstairs, and then wandered around town a little more. We checked out the old train station and took a few photos before heading out of town. On our way to Bisbee, we decided to take a more scenic route and ended up stopping at Kartchner Caverns. As luck would have it, we were able to make the last tour of the day--though we did have to do a little running to make it there in time! We had never been to this cave before--it's discovery was fairly recent (the late 70s), and it's remained nearly pristine and living due to careful preservation efforts. Definitely one of nature's gems!

Bisbee 090

How does this switchboard work?
1940s-50s White Barkcloth Dress with Red Ranch Brand Print
Red Cinch Belt
1940s Red Plastic and Rhinestone Earrings
1940s Red Celluloid Cowboy Hat and Gun Pin
Rocket Originals Esther Wedges

We checked into our favorite trailer at The Shady Dell, the Royal Mansion, as the sun was setting. After a bit of freshening up (damp cave weather isn't very kind to 1940s hair) headed out for another nice dinner, this time at the Copper Queen Hotel. After we ate, we strolled around the town, enjoying the cool night air and having fun people watching. Later on, we took another midnight graveyard tour--no ghosts again, though we did see a bat!

Bisbee 091

Dressed for Dinner
1940s White Barkcloth Dress with Green and Rust Palm Tree Print
Narrow Belt
1940s Tropical Brooch
1940s-50s Silver and Green Plastic Mask Earrings
1950s Wicker Purse
1940s Rust Leather and Cream Mesh Heels

Bisbee 094

Bisbee 093
Posing in front of an interesting artist's residence. It was surprisingly chilly enough for a coat!

The next morning we reluctantly started the trip back home, but not before meeting a fun-loving group of German filmmakers, who had stopped into the Shady Dell to get some shots and interviews with the wonderful park owners, Jennifer and Justin. We were included in this little jaunt, which was quite fun in a whirlwind sort of way! Of course, as this bustle was going on while we were packing up the car, we managed to leave a couple of items in the trailer's closet!

Bisbee 096

Meeting Harbie
Red Tablecloth Check Peasant Blouse Made from a 1940s Pattern
1950s Jeans
Skinny Red Belt
1950s Daisy Necklace and Earrings
Rocket Originals Esther Wedges
1940s Style Sunglasses

After a delicious breakfast in town, we started the scenic drive back to Phoenix. Along the way we decided to pop over and check out Picacho Peak in Tucson. The park was deserted and the sun was slowly setting, but we thought it would be fun to take one of the easy hikes and look for wildlife. We didn't see too much of the latter, aside from an adorable baby chipmunk and several hawks (and lots of bugs. Lots of 'em!), but the scenery was peaceful and our trail led to a nice overlook.

Bisbee 107
Bisbee 109
I call this the Sears Catalog Pose

You'll note my completely inappropriate footwear--yes, I went hiking in a pair of wedges. Now, mind you, under normal circumstances I do wear the correct foot attire for this sort of activity (much as I hate it, I don't really want to go tumbling down a mountain.) However, our little hike was very impromptu, and I managed to survive this time :-)

After that we made it home and collapsed into bed, feeling a bit like children on the last day of summer, knowing that we must return to work the next day!