Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Honey Sisters Go to the Fair

Though my Sweetie and I were gone most of October, we made it home in time to attend the State Fair the last day it was open.  It's a tradition of ours to go ever year, and we try to attend the County Fair as well--after all, what's more fun than spending way too much money on cotton candy, corndogs, and carousel rides? 

This year we went with our good friends Veronica and Lana (my vintage 'sisters') and our friend Doug Monce, who photographed our fair exploits. Here are a few snaps from that day--I'm wearing my Carole Landis dress (made by NudeeDudee), 1940s glass cherry earrings and necklace, and "Dorothy" heels (by Betseyville.) Veronica is wearing a vintage petal bust dress and Lana is wearing a strawberry print sundress made by Vee Vin Tage.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Let Blue Velvet Vintage Make You a Star!

"Let Blue Velvet Vintage Make You a Star" is my latest collaboration with Atomic Age Pictures and Blue Velvet Vintage.  I've been modeling for Blue Velvet Vintage for the past year or so, and she has a wonderful shop filled with top quality vintage and reproduction goodies.  This video features some of her vintage-styled evening wear; I loved all of the dresses, but my personal favorite was the cobalt blue one shouldered gown--it made me feel like a Greek goddess!

Amanda Lee

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Remembrance

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How time flies!

Photo by Matt Carson
Has it really been that long? Oh my, I've been a naughty blogger! I do have a good excuse though, at least for part of my absence—I spent the last half of October touring Belgium and Holland playing bass with my Sweetie's band! And on our return trip, we ended up waylaid in Washington DC by the hurricane for most of last week. But now I am back, and ready for blogging! I'm working on a post about our travels right now, but for today, I thought I would post a product review.

Sometime ago I read a number of interesting posts about using flaxseed  setting lotion (LandGirl1980 has a wonderfully informative article for making the homemade version here.) It sounded very intriguing and I thought I would test it out for myself. And indeed, I loved the results it gave me—consistently soft, frizz-free, and well-defined curls that lasted forever—better than any other product I've ever tried, in fact.
However, though the homemade version is very simple and inexpensive to make, it is somewhat of a messy process. I did a bit of research and found an Etsy seller, Botticelli Botanicals, offering a Flax Gelee that sounded very similar to the homemade setting lotion. It wasn't too expensive and was made with minimal and natural ingredients--and it was customizable as well. I decided to order a bottle of her basic "foolproof" formula to test it out, and I've been very pleased with the results! I've actually used up the whole bottle (it lasted me about four months with daily use) and reordered—which really says something about how wonderful flaxseed setting lotion is!

Just like the homemade version, Botticelli Botanical's Flax Gelee does wonders for my hair. I comb a fairly generous amount (the size of a half dollar or slightly more) through damp or dry hair before setting it on foam stick rollers. Once dry, I remove the rollers and brush out the curls. My hair is completely frizz and static free, and the curls are soft, defined, and very long lasting. I decided to try out one of the add-ins for my second bottle, and had agave added to the mix—according to the seller, this adds extra hold. I'm quite pleased with this addition, and do find it offers an even longer-lasting curl then the basic formula (which was already pretty darn awesome.) I will add that when I initially take the rollers out, my hair is a bit stiff/crunchy—but a quick brushing solves that! Botticelli Botanicals offers a number of scents to choose from as well, which is nice bonus

So, if you've been looking for a new setting lotion, or been wanting to try out the flaxseed lotion yourself, I highly recommend this one!

Amanda Lee