Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tea Time Across the Atlantic

Just got a couple of pics back from the most recent Vintage Vogue fair, at which I made a guest appearance in the form of a life-sized cutout (photo taken by Atomic Age Pictures)! I hope to attend in person someday, because the pics I've seen all show the most drool-worthy vintage items!

Stephen and Michele put on a fine fair, and Michele knits the most wonderful sweaters as well. I'm especially taken with this model:

Did any of you attend this event? If you did, I'd love to hear about your finds!

Amanda Lee


  1. Love that sweater! and you are tooo cute! even as a cut out! lol

  2. That sweater is divine! And I love the cut-out. Hehe.
    -Andi x

  3. Thanks, ladies! I sure was tickled when they contacted me for this project :-)

    I adore Michele's sweaters too--they are all so cute!

  4. omg! that cutout is killing me. so cool that your were "there." sounds like an awesome event. that sweater is darling.

  5. THAT's how to be in two places at once! Love it!

    That is indeed a gorgeous sweater. Must check out the link. THANKS!

  6. Hehe cute! It looks like a nice event :)

  7. Not too many people can boast about having their own cardboard cutout! :) That sweater is cute indeed.