Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tokyo Girls in Action

A short clip from Friday's show, filmed by Twisted Manga--I'm wearing a 1940s sarong style dress in navy and yellow tropical print rayon (an early Matilda's Closet find of mine), along with sand-colored linen 40s heels, a yellow fakelite bracelet, and a pink and yellow double hibiscus in my hair.

I hope you enjoy it!

Amanda Lee


  1. you are so delightful! your performance was so light-hearted and joyful compared to the more dramatic ones. just so right for you. that was the perfect song for you too, esp. the line about the "sweetest looking girl." nice dancing! pretty dress, hair, and hibiscus fleur.

  2. So glad I got to see you perform on Saturday, you looked lovely.

  3. Thank you for such thoughtful comments, ladies!

    It was very nice meeting you Jaede--you looked lovely as well and I love the dress you were wearing :-)