Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Glendale!

The city of Glendale just celebrated its 100th birthday as an incorporated city, and hosted a three-day affair in honor of this milestone. And what better way to party than by including Matilda's Vintage Closet’s "100 Years of Fashion" show?

The show, which featured 19 models and 50 outfits, was the biggest production the shop owners have put together, and included ensembles from the 1870s-1970s. It was a success and definitely well-received by the audience! So far, I’ve received a handful of photos—I’ve included a few here and will be sure to add more later!


I'm wearing the Harlow ensemble--this is one of my favorite outfits for the show!

My dear friend Dawn, a talented and vivacious local artist, makes the best 20s gal! She really dances up a storm and shows off her charming personality when on stage :-)

My good friend Nikki also wears a 20s look in the show--isn't this royal blue frock a stunner? Nikki can really rock a cloche hat, too--I think she needs to wear them more often!

Co-owner Rose showed off her Hustle skills with one of the models in this wild 70s look.


  1. divine!! really divine xxxx

    PS: My hat came today, I am sending Rose a present soon xx

  2. Thank you, dearie!

    I'm so glad--does it match your dress? I hope so!

    P.S. Dawn is originally from England; she has told us many amazing stories of growing up during WWII. Perhaps she'll let me share a few sometime, as I'm sure everyone would enjoy hearing them :-)

  3. Wow! Such fun! Love your dress :o)

  4. Thank you, Q! I do wish the dress was in my personal wardrobe, but it's always a treat to wear it in the shows :-)

  5. What a wonderful thing for a city to celebrate! And you look stunning :)

  6. You look truly ravishing in the Harlow ensemble!

  7. Thank you, ladies! The city also hosted a car show and an ice cream social that night--it was a lot of fun :-)

  8. everyone looks like they're having the best time. what a fantastic event!

  9. looks like so much fun! i wish they did things like that in Louisiana.

  10. I'm thinking I may have to make additional trips to Phoenix, I love your dress and what a wonderful way to celebrate the city's birthday

  11. Sounds like so much fun!! Can I just say, you are one of the most glamourous people I have ever seen, you look absolutely lovely!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  12. Thank you, ladies!

    Bree--How is the vintage scene in Louisiana in general? Arizona has some options but not nearly as many as places like CA. I've always wanted to visit your state and hope to do so in the future!

    Jaede--Do let me know if you stop by Phoenix again! Perhaps we can meet for coffee the next time you visit :-)

    Carys--Thank you so much for the kind words :-)

  13. Amanda I certainly will, just our quick hello was too quick !