Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Makeup Mondays--Rita Hayworth

For this week's installment of Makeup Mondays, I thought it would be fun to do a vintage beauty how-to based on a color photo of the amazing Rita Hayworth. She has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I know many of you are fans of hers as well!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the article--would you like to see more beauty breakdowns for other stars? If so, please let me know who you'd like to see included!

Amanda Lee

Sunday, December 27, 2009

While on vacation this past week, I had two fantastic photo shoots--the first with Matt Carson, in downtown Phoenix. He and I have worked together for years and I always have a blast! Here are a few of images from this shoot; the rest can be found on my site:

The second shoot was with Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures--we worked on a couple of holiday themes, as well as another cowgirl series. In the first photos, I am wearing a one-of-a-kind Able Grable frock, customized by a local seamstress to create the perfect "Ice Princess" outfit. I think this is my new favorite Christmas pinup outfit!

In this series, I am wearing a fabulous 1950s original from Matilda's Closet--this one is definitely my favorite vintage holiday dress :-)

And finally, the cowgirl series--I hope you like these as much as did!

Amanda Lee

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Vogue Knitwear

I recently had the opportunity to model a fabulous sweater made by Michele of Atomic Events--she has a fantastic line called Vintage Vogue Knitwear. One of my favorite photographers, Doug of Atomic Age Pictures, and I decided to head up to Oak Creek Canyon for a more rustic setting, and here are the results of our shoot!

The sweater is the lovely Wood Violets style, in the most wonderful shade of raspberry pink. Vintage Vogue Knitwear has a number of spot-on 1930s-50s reproductions--you can can see some of the style possibilites here. I was very pleased with the quality of my sweater, and Michele was a delight to work with--I highly recommend this line! A big thanks to Michele and Stephen for selecting me to model it :-)

Cover Girl

Today the first installment of the video interview is up on Royal Pinups--check it out!

And, Able Grable's Wicked Lady made the front page of Retro To Go. Now that's some great news!


Amanda Lee

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stay tuned for this week's broadcast...

Be sure to check out the lovely Ghoulina's Web site, Royal Pinups, tomorrow--she will be featuring the first installment of the video interview we did!

Amanda Lee

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa Baby

Santa Baby, I'm sure you know what's on every good girl's list this year--a frock from Able Grable!

You don't want to miss out on the Wicked Lady, in red or gray floral--or why not go for both? This stunner is a luxurious dream in soft satin; whether she's in statement-making red or demure pink and gray floral, an Able Grable girl is a head-turner wherever she goes!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Outfit of the Day

Sorry for pulling a bit of a disappearing act; we made the official move into the new house over the long weekend, which of course took way too much time (read: we have too much stuff) and left me without Internet access (which hopefully will be remedied this afternoon. Anyway, here's a photo my best gal pal snapped of last Tuesday's outfit!

Betsey Johnson bow sweater--from a friend
Black gabardine trousers made from a 1940s pattern--V Vintage
Black velvet peeptoe pumps--Naturalizer Shoes
1950s copper fan earrings--from a friend
Lip Ink Red lipstick

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You like me, you really like me!

Sorry, couldn't resist ;-)

Anyway, I was delighted to receive not one, but two blog awards, from two different blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading. It was quite an honor to receive both!

The first is from the delightful

I'm to award this to 10 lucky blogs--so here are my picks (and it was hard to choose--I enjoy so many!):

1. Tales of a Retro Modern Housewife

2. Blah Blah Mirth

3. 1950s Atomic Ranch House

4. A Stitch in Time

5. Bettie Booh

6. Ketty

7. Golden Girl of the West

8. Q's Daydream

9. The Painted Woman

10. The Land of Makeup Obscurity

And now I get to answer 35 questions in one word:

1.Where is your phone? Purse

2.Your hair? Butterscotch

3.Your Mother? Wonderful

4.Your Father? Kind

5.Your favourite food? Sweets

6.Your dream last night? Forgotten

7.Your favourite drink? Coke

8.Your dream/goal?

9.What room are you in? Office

10.Your hobbie? Dancing

11.Your fear? Loss

12.Where do you want to be in six years?

13.Where were you last night? Home

14.Something that your not? Lonely

15.Muffins? Blueberry

16.Wishlist item?

17.Where did you grow up? Arizona

18.Last thing you did? Photoshoot

19.What are you wearing? Sweater

20.Your TV? Off

21.Your pets? Four

22.Friends? Fantastic

23.Your life? Happy

24.Your mood? Good

25.Missing someone?

26.Vehicle? Honda

27.Something your not wearing?

28.Your favourite store? Matilda's

29.Your Favourite colour? Red

30.When was the last time you laughed? Today

31.The last time you cried?

32.Your best friend? Sweetie

33.One place that I go to over and over?

34.Facebook? Resisting

35.Favourite place to eat? MacAlpine's

The second is the Vintage Style Award from the lovely Blonde Episodes. The rules for this one:

1. Link who gave you award

2. Give the award to 7 people

3. Let the people you've awarded know

So, here's my list of blogs I admire (again, it was hard to choose only seven--there are so many I enjoy reading!):

1. Matilda's Delights

2. Little Rascal

3. Yesterday Girl

4. Andi B. Goode

5. Chronically Vintage

6. The Adventures of Gingyginge

7. The Frivolous Flapper

Thanks again, ladies!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Latest Finds

I snagged this late 1930s-early 1940s jacket a couple of weeks ago at Matilda's Closet. It had just come in the very day I stopped by, and Rose had taken photos to list it on eBay--but of course it "needed" to go home with me instead. The pictures don't really show off the deep burgundy wool crepe; the fur is a rich black as well (not sure if it is seal or sheared beaver—regardless, I have a little 40s tilt hat that will match perfectly!) It was a bit of a frivolous purchase I’m afraid, but I simply couldn’t resist such a glamorous little number!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outfit of the Day—Suits Me Fine

I've been on a bit of a suit kick lately, and decided to wear one I picked up last fall from Matilda's Closet. It's a heavier wool, but it's been quite chilly lately so I finally have a chance to wear it!

1940s black and white houndstooth wool suit-Matilda's Closet
1940s jadeite green cashmere sweater-eBay
Black velvet with silver trim peeptoe pumps-Naturalizer
Lucite "A" brooch-a gift from a friend
Black Bakelite drop earrings-Matilda's Closet

Monday, November 16, 2009

Outfit of the Day--Western Wear Goes to Work

I have several western-inspired pieces that are fun to wear to the office--their western flair is on the more subtle side and can be played up or down as desired. The jacket below is one such piece; it's an early 40s suit jacket in a warm reddish brown, with cream cross stitching trimming the collar. Inspired by yesterday's post, I wore it today with a wool pencil skirt and heels, and jazzed up the western flair with a green crepe tie and wooden brooch.
1940s jacket—eBay
1950s tan wool pencil skirt with double pleat and faux pockets, both trimmed with arrows—Matilda’s Closet
1950s chocolate brown “sweater” pumps—eBay
1940s green crepe western tie—Buffalo Exchange
1940s leather and lacquered wood “pinecone” brooch—local antique store
1940s carved bone earrings—local antique store
And as always, Lip Ink Red lipstick

The Icing on the Cake

Today's installment of vintage makeup how-tos is on our favorite topic--lipstick! Check it out here, and let me know what you think!

Amanda Lee

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spirit of the Pioneers

I came across this ad for cowgirl-inspired fashions in the December 1939 issue of Mademoiselle, and I thought the outfits were positively adorable. In fact, I wish I had one of each!

These North Dakotan cowgirls, featured in a 1940 LIFE magazine, are just as stylish (those cowboys are cuties too!) Sure looks like it was a fun dance! I wonder what the band sounded like?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Antique Trove Parking Lot Sale

This Saturday, the Antique Trove, a fantastic shop located in Scottsdale, is having an all-day parking lot sale. I'm renting two spaces with my good friends Rose (of Matilda's Closet) and Jere, and we plan on offering up some killer vintage clothing and accessories from our respective collections (to say that Rose's shop is amazingly well-stocked is a huge understatement, and both Jere and I are just a few dresses short of needing to open our own stores as well *tee-hee*). If you're in the area, I do hope you can stop by to say hello and do a little shopping; I am sure you'll find something to suit your fancy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeup Mondays—The Eyes Have It - Part II

The next installment of Makeup Mondays, which discusses period perfect eyeliner and brows, is up at Alley Kats--I hope you enjoy it!


Amanda Lee

Style Inspiration

I haven't posted an inspiration post in quite awhile, so here are a few things that I'm inspired by right now!

The 1940s Sweater Girl Look

Berets--always classic and flattering

1940s-style denim trousers
I think this pair, by Vivien of Holloway, is adorable! V Vintage is making up a pair for me right now, and I can't wait to wear them on casual days.

And finally, the classic knit suit. This one looks very sharp paired with showstopping hat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Outfit of the Day

Although the weather is supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow (sigh), it was quite chilly this morning! I wore one of my favorite vintage fall looks--the classic "sweater girl" ensemble of formfitting sweater and pencil skirt. It's sleek and polished with a little extra oomph!

Aqua cashmere sweater with keyhole neckline
My favorite black wool 40s pencil skirt
Black cinch belt
Black velvet 40s-style peeptoe heels
1950s green and gold "pearl" cluster earrings

The Countess

The newest dress in the Able Grable line is aptly named "The Countess". This glamourous floral satin frock is a real crowd pleaser, and I think you'll love it as much as I do! More photos to follow soon ;-)

The Eyes Have It

My next makeup how-to is all about the eyes! Check it out here, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Amanda Lee

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Dream of Jeannie

My Sweetie and I went as Jeannie and Major Nelson for Halloween, which turned out to be a real hit--in fact, we were the only ones dressed in that getup this year (which was amazing because we went down to Tempe, and Mill Avenue was like Mardi Gras with throngs of college students and the like!)

Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures also took a few photos of me in Jeannie's garb, and I think they turned out quite well!