Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Ticket to Fashion Paradise

I recently had the opportunity to wear another of NudeeDudee's divine ready-to-wear creations, a 1940s-style sundress, for a photo shoot.

Perfect for warm weather, this dress incorporates some very flattering design elements--a bust-enhancing, ruffle-trimmed shirred bust featuring a center halter strap; a fitted waist; and a softly gathered knee-length skirt. It's available in several cotton prints too, from tropical Shaheen, to 40s feedsack florals and stripes--something to suit every fancy. I chose one of the Hawaiian designs, with leafy green and brown flowers winding their way across a buttermilk yellow background. It's the perfect choice for blondes and redheads, I have to say! I paired it with bamboo earrings and bracelets, and a pair of 1940s two-toned shoes in rust leather and cream mesh, to complete the tropical look.

Matt Carson took the photos in a very suitable setting, he always does a wonderful job of picking the perfect location and capturing just the right feel!

Amanda Lee


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Space Age Style

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I promise you, dear readers, that I have not abandoned this blog intentionally!  It seems that lately my schedule is jam-packed with things to do, and as I am now the official bass player for the Heymakers, I suspect that I will be staying quite busy.

But anyway, enough of my rambling excuses ;-)

I thought perhaps you might enjoy a few still photos from the Space Rangers scene we shot this past weekend. This time I wore another costume consisting of a fabulously shiny silver catsuit and lipstick red armor. The armor is an original design made by the amazingly talented Roxy Almblade--didn't she do a fantastic job?

Amanda Lee