Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Formal

A few photos from the Rockabilly Yules Winter Formal that took place on December 26--as you can see, I wore my customized Able Grable "Ice Princess" frock! This was another benefit for the troops; four bands played and Hostess Brenda Lee (that's her with me in the last pic) and I sold raffle tickets and photos to raise money for the troops. The event was a success!

If any of you ladies would be interested in having a frock like mine, hurry over and talk to the wonderful Able Grable about creating your own custom design!

Amanda Lee


  1. that is adorable! looks like you had a good time :)

  2. You look absolutely stunning lady :)

  3. gorgeous snow princess! Love the suit jacket your guy is wearing, too!

  4. That dress really is beautiful, i may have to have a think about having a custom designed dress made! x

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments!

    I think I found his jacket at MacAlpine's Vintage Store. It's one of my faves too :-)

    Stefanie~I hope you decide to have one made--I know you'd be thrilled with it :-)