Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Trails

So here I am, playing catch up again! Darn my day job--they're expecting me to work this week. The nerve! Oh well, they gave me a raise, so who am I to complain ;-)

1950s Red Lace Dress
Black Patent Belt
Full Fashioned Stockings
Black Patent Heels
1950s red and clear rhinestone drop earrings
Note: I ended up changing the belt to a red satin one, and the shoes to my clear Lucite pair, to go with a Lucite purse
My Sweetie is wearing the hot pink belt I got him for Christmas!

Anyway, my Sweetie and I celebrated New Year's Eve with cocktails at a swanky restaurant, followed by dinner at another restaurant. We returned home just in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square--all in all, it was a wonderful night!

On New Year's Day, my Sweetie and his band played at a really neat place called Western Trails, just outside of Morristown He and I have been working on some songs together (he's teaching me to sing harmony) and one of the gals snapped a few photos of us stage.
He's wearing the rockin' hot pink western jacket I found him for Christmas, and I'm wearing the 1950s fringed leather jacket he surprised me with. In these photos we're singing the Waylon Jennings version of "Big Mamou."


  1. Clear lucite shoes? I'll have to see a photo of these someday, they sound amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 will be wonderful for you.

  2. Such a cute couple

  3. Love the pink belt! I like to see men in pink.
    I also love the fringed jacket - what a wonderful surprise!
    -Andi x

  4. You guys make such a great couple! I love the pink stuff you got him!

    Congrats on the raise :)

  5. too cute! Happy New year to you both xx

  6. You look so beautiful, that dress is divine x

  7. You two are perfection. Hope you have a wonderful year.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  8. Thanks, ladies!

    My Sweetie definitely loves flashy colors, and pink is one of his favorites to wear (he's quite fun to shop for, I have to say.) When I found the jacket I was so excited because I knew he'd flip when he saw it :-)

    Miss Emmi~the shoes are the same ones I wore with the Ice Princess outfit :-)

  9. How gorgeous are you two singing together?!x

  10. You are a natural on the stage! Fabulous pics. Happy New Year!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  11. You two make a very handsome couple! How neat that you found a guy who is into vintage too. My husband appreciates it but if I tried to get him to wear vintage clothes/styles he'd divorce me, lol! Happy New Year!