Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outfit of the Night

Tonight my Sweetie and I had dinner at a fabulous Thai restaurant and went to the movies (we saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was an amazing movie!) I always enjoy dressing up for our dates--tonight I wore one of my newer purchases, a Trashy Diva dress I've been eyeing since last year, and found on sale on eBay. I can't resist a good sale!
Trashy Diva Cinnabar Print Day Dress
Nude Fully Fashioned Stockings from Christel
1940s Black Suede Ankle Strap Heels with Gold-trimmed "Flowers"
1950s Bakelite Mah Jong Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings
Gardenia in Hair
Lip Ink Red Lipstick


  1. Wonderful outfit, i like your bakelite jewelry x

  2. what an amazing dress! the front is so unusual.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    The dress is quite an interesting design—the black panel is actually a separate piece, that drapes very nicely.

    Laura~ I highly recommend Lip Ink—I swear I cannot go back to wearing regular lipstick now. Lip Ink is just so convenient! The warm red shade Fire Red would look stunning on you :-)

  4. You look gorgeous. I love that dress. Trashy Diva has such beautiful things.
    -Andi x