Monday, November 16, 2009

Outfit of the Day--Western Wear Goes to Work

I have several western-inspired pieces that are fun to wear to the office--their western flair is on the more subtle side and can be played up or down as desired. The jacket below is one such piece; it's an early 40s suit jacket in a warm reddish brown, with cream cross stitching trimming the collar. Inspired by yesterday's post, I wore it today with a wool pencil skirt and heels, and jazzed up the western flair with a green crepe tie and wooden brooch.
1940s jacket—eBay
1950s tan wool pencil skirt with double pleat and faux pockets, both trimmed with arrows—Matilda’s Closet
1950s chocolate brown “sweater” pumps—eBay
1940s green crepe western tie—Buffalo Exchange
1940s leather and lacquered wood “pinecone” brooch—local antique store
1940s carved bone earrings—local antique store
And as always, Lip Ink Red lipstick


  1. I love that jacket. It's gorgeous. Especially with the scarf. =D
    -Andi x

  2. Gorgeous. I really love that colour combination, and the accessories are just perfect for the outfit.

  3. Wow, the whole outfit is perfect! The skirt seems to match your hair about accessorising! Love the brooch too x

  4. Thanks,ladies! Brown and tan are two colors I love to wear, especially this time of year :-)

  5. I love brown and pink or blue; aqua, jadite, and mint, too! I think chocolate brown is a wonderful color for redheads, for sure :-)

    They don't mind my style where I work--it's actually a pretty casual office, and I am fairly dressy most of the time!

    But 40s-50s suits look so nice, even if you can't wear them as vintage as you'd like. They just fit so much better than modern suits!

  6. I have to echo my envy at being able to wear vintage styles to work...I could, but they would probably consider me even more odd than they already do! (And wouldn't appreciate the eccentricity.)

    I found your blog via other vintage blogs. I love that you live vintage 24/7! I'm inspired to start adding more vintage elements to my wardrobe and lifestyle as finances allow.

  7. Thanks for the kind words, Gingerella! I definitely stand out at work, that's for sure. I always joke that it's a good thing I didn't choose a life of crime--I'd be pretty easy to pick out in a lineup lol

    I'm looking forward to reading your posts about adding vintage to your wardrobe and lifestyle as well :-)

  8. Amazing jacket and love the brooch you look stunning like you just walked off the screen!

  9. the outfit looks great ...seems like you are having a nice coats for women collection !!!