Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Antique Trove Parking Lot Sale

This Saturday, the Antique Trove, a fantastic shop located in Scottsdale, is having an all-day parking lot sale. I'm renting two spaces with my good friends Rose (of Matilda's Closet) and Jere, and we plan on offering up some killer vintage clothing and accessories from our respective collections (to say that Rose's shop is amazingly well-stocked is a huge understatement, and both Jere and I are just a few dresses short of needing to open our own stores as well *tee-hee*). If you're in the area, I do hope you can stop by to say hello and do a little shopping; I am sure you'll find something to suit your fancy!


  1. I know--maybe someday you can visit the desert!

  2. Oooh! that's an open invitation for trouble! An hour and 30 min away from me!! Like I need any more Vintage myself. Make that 3 of us that need to open a store. I have often thought about selling on Etsy, but I just can't part with some stuff yet. That's totally ridiculous huh?


  3. I wish I could come over xx Just like that!


  4. You should come up, Syd! There's several items that we're selling that I think you'd be interested in, and I am sure the rest of the vendors will have well-stocked booths too ;-)

    I wish you could come too, Miss Matilda! Oh, the goodies you would find :-)