Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spotlight on Style--My Sweet Corazon

A few months ago I had the opportunity to model two hair flowers by My Sweet Corazon, and what a pleasure that was! The two flowers I modeled--a cream gardenia and red berry cluster and a dramatic pink tropical clip--were absolutely gorgeous. My Sweet Corazon uses top quality flowers and takes great care with attention to the every little detail--these are showstoppers, for sure! I definitely recommend them to any gal looking to add a little glamour to her hairstyle :-)

Outfit Details
Gingham Blouse with Eyelet Collar--Bebe
1940s Black Wool Pencil Skirt--Matilda's Closet
Narrow Black Patent Belt--Bebe
Fully Fashioned Stockings--Christel's
Black Patent Shoes--TwoLips
1940s Bakelite Cherry and Log Brooch and Earrings--eBay

Hawaiian Sarong in Blue and Pink Hummingbird and Floral Print--Whirling Turban
1940s Cream Linen Peeptoe Slingbacks--eBay
1940s Pink and Yellow Flower Earrings--Purchased at the Reading WWII Weekend ages ago


  1. Those are really exquisite- especially the pink one. Is that your dress or was it borrowed for the shoot- because it is amazing.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. The pink is quite striking for sure! It looks very nice with updos--it's very dramatic.

    The dress is mine--it's a Whirling Turban :-)

  3. These are just stunning yet again!!! You are such a doll! I must have to try those flowers in my hair :o)

  4. Love it, you look absolute stunning, as usual =)

  5. WOW you look amazing!!!

    : )

    Hugs, Jenny


  6. Your hair is so amazing

  7. Thank you all! Look for a hair tutorial article very soon :-)

  8. Those are just stunning photos, you look lovely!

  9. Fantastic photos -- you are gorgeous woman!

    Can't wait for your hair tutorial!


  10. Thank you Maria--you are so sweet :-)

  11. Ooh, they're fab! =D
    And boy that Hawaiian print dress is gorgeous!!
    -Andi x