Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Heard That Song Before

A comment on my previous blog inspired me to write about vintage “repeats”. As a collector for many years, I have come across the same garment twice on a number of occasions—sometimes in a different color, and sometimes the exact same item. For example, I have seen this 1950s swing coat at least five times (I bought one years ago, and have seen the same style pop up in several other shops since then.) It was apparently a very popular coat!

This dress, a personal favorite of mine, is owned by another vintage-loving Arizona gal (the aforementioned commenter, who also had the same red shoes I just bought) in a slightly different color scheme:

I gave this exact skirt to a friend sometime ago—and here it is again!

I also have a late 40s suit jacket in navy gab—and saw the same jacket, complete with skirt and in tan gab, at my friend’s shop. And I’ve seen other items—dresses, blouses, and so forth, crop up here and again as well. I find it interesting, and a little exciting too (Hey! I have that same dress!) And when a favorite vintage piece has seen its day, I’d certainly love to find its twin so that I can wear it again.

So, my fellow vintage lovers, what “repeats” have you seen, and what do you think when you see an item in your own collection turn up elsewhere too?


  1. I had that same skirt but in purple and gave mine to a friend also! How's that for vintage repeat!


  2. There was a dress that Dita wore with a large red hibiscus on the skirt and again on the bodice. I saw one very similar for sale at Timeless Vixen and would have purchased it, but it was already sold :(

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. I'll have to keep my eyes open for fashion dopplegangers. Right now, I can only think of a Dita example, too. She was wearing a red version of a Shaheen playsuit that I had seen on the Glamoursplash site in blue.


  4. MaryDeluxe--Too funny! We're vintage repeat twins :-)

    Glamorous Housewife--That dress sounds lovely; what a pity it was already sold!

    LandGirl--That red playsuit she wore was divine. I'll bet it was just as pretty in blue!