Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cinderella Calling…

Ah, the collecting of vintage shoes—the source of such joy and heartbreak. We all have felt the twinge of disappointment when come across the ultimate pair, but they turn out to not be our size. Or the pair we were outbid on, or that ended up not fitting when it arrived in the post. And what about the pair that you loved so much you wore it until it disintegrated?

I am sure we all have a personal shoe wish list; I know I do! If I could conjure up the perfect shoes, these would definitely be on the list (and how!)

I’d surely need a pair of these

And would always find room for these

And I couldn’t leave out this pair

And to be honest, I think I’d need one of each of these!

Picture borrowed from this site

Now, if you had a magic wand and were able to create the perfect pair or two (or three or…) in just your size, what would they look like? And given the opportunity to buy such a pair, what price would you be willing to pay?

I’m looking forward to your replies; talking shoes is always great fun!


  1. Oooh those multi colored ones are swell!

    One pair I've been after for years is platform peep toe ankle wrap pumps in an emerald to forest green. I've bought a few pairs and always end up being too small. There are not enough green shoes in the world in my opinion!

  2. I JUST purchased a book on vintage shoes and it is basically shoe porn. I think I would love to go through it and just point to every shoe I love and have them made. There is a cobbler here in Los Angeles that makes all the vintage shoes for the studios- maybe I should get him to make me a pair!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. I agree with Trixie there are not enough green shoes in the world.

    I'd have these made if I could

    IN GREEN!!

  4. Ooh, emerald green shoes are on my list too--platforms or the pumps MissMatilda posted would be grand.

    TGH--you must scan some of the pages of that book to show us!

  5. Ooh! yummy topic! Those spectators are fabulous! I would love to have a pair myself. I bidded on a pair of spectators a while back and sadly lost! I also would love to own a pair of navy and white spectators!

    All of the shoes you posted are stunning! I would take any Vintage shoe that is in good condition and that fits! All of the styles of that period were swell. I can't really think of one that wasn't stylish....


  6. Spectators are so stylish! I've had a couple of pairs that were too small for me (though I tried to wear them for a bit anyway) and I'd love to find a pair that fit :-)