Monday, March 12, 2012

Makeup Mondays--Triple Roll Delight

Today's Makeup Monday post is all about victory rolls! In this video created by Atomic Age Pictures I demonstrate how I create my favorite triple rolled style, which I like to call the "Triple Roll Delight". I hope you enjoy it!

The snood is from Arthelia's Attic, the hair clips are from Lila Jo and Andy's Eye Candy (Andy also made the fabulous fruit clips), and the retro boudoir is inside of Matilda's Vintage Closet. Next up Doug Monce and I will be working on a how-to for the Betty Grable Peek-a-boo 'Do!



  1. absolutely wonderful tutorial! Thank you! xo

  2. I LOVE this video Amanda! Thanks so much for including my snoods!

  3. Your hair is so fluffy and beautiful!
    You must do this all the time because you make it look so easy. I almost never get a perfect victory roll, but then again my hair is SUPER long and thick. Thanks for another great video, they're so helpful.

  4. WONDERFUL video! I love your videos. Yay for makeup Mondays! :)

  5. Simply fantastic! I hope there will be much more to come, such a great production and as ever, beautyiful hair. Can't wait to recreate your styles if and when I can get the tools... By the way do you know of anywhere in the US that ships internationally; perm rods and super setting lotion by proclaim I have been searching and it seem like ever and still no joy here in the UK.

  6. If only I had that much hair ! Great tutorial, thank you.

  7. Oh Dear Amanda, thank you so much for these great videos! I always wondered how you styled your perfect hair.
    The production quality is the best on youtube I swear! I can't wait to try the hair dos!!

  8. So glad everyone has enjoyed these, they certainly were fun to make!

    We'll be working on a Peekaboo 'do tutorial next, and have some other ideas in the works as well.

    kitchen bumpkin--have you tried eBay? It looks like there are some sellers of Lottabody that ship to the UK, and these foam rollers are from a seller that ships there as well: