Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeup Mon—er—Tuesdays: My Basic Setting Tutorial

I’ve been promising to work on several hair tutorials for awhile now, and Doug Monce and I finally got around to filming a couple! My intention was to post this yesterday, which is supposed to be Makeup Monday day--oops! Oh well, better late than never!

At any rate, this video shows the basic set I use. I’ll be following up with a triple roll tutorial shortly, so stay tuned! I do hope you enjoy these videos and that you find them useful!

Amanda Lee


  1. Thank you, Betsey&Joy--glad you liked it!

  2. Oh wow! This is a fantastic video! Thank you so much for posting it! I always struggle with getting my sections separated for setting at the back so it was great to see it from that angle and I love the suggestions you gave for products! I can't wait to see the rest of the videos you two have been working on, I'm sure they'll be fantastic!

  3. Wonderful tutorial! Very clear and professional tutorial. I can't wait to see the triple roll tutorial :)

  4. Oh my gosh, this is just beautifully done. I've not seen a better filmed vintage hair tutorial.

    And of course, you look absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for this!


  5. FABULOUS video! I'm going to try these hair stix...I currently use bobby pins for pincurls and it takes forever :)

  6. Fabbo Amanda, you are too gorgeous! Can I pls ask how your hair is cut? Middy?

  7. Lovely! I wish it was that easy for me to do! I have crazy frizzy curly hair and using a brush is just a terrible thing haha.
    I hope to see more videos from you.

  8. I am so glad you posted this! Thanks :)

  9. Great tutorial! So nicely filmed as well. And of course the setting and your lovely vintage house dress is a wonderful bonus. :) (Love your hand mirror, btw.)

    I use sponge rollers for my cold sets but I've been wanting to try bendy foam sticks for awhile. I think you've finally convinced me to purchase some and try it out!

  10. iLiveinmyLab--I'm glad you found it helpful—you’ll have to let me know how it works for you!

    Sirens Sexy--I'll be posting the next installment very soon :-)

    Miss KayMar—Thank you for such a sweet comment!

    Debi—Since my all-time fave Goody curlers don’t seem to be made anymore, I googled “Bendy Foam Hair Curler” and found a couple of very similar Japanese curlers that look like they are worth checking out. The nice thing about this type of curler is that it’s quick and easy to use, and I find the sets come out very consistent :-)

    Konad-licious—My hair is cut in long layers, with the shortest front sections hitting right around cheekbone level. I’ve had my hair cut in an official Middy style from time to time, but a good, basic layered cut works wonders.

    Lesley—My hair is pretty straight, so I have a different set of issues to contend with! However, because I color it, it is prone to dryness and frizz if I don’t use the right products. I’m planning on reviewing a new product line, Beautiful Curls, shortly—it’s given me fabulous results and may work well for you too!

    Olivia—I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Thank you for the nice comment, Tasha! I'm wearing my new favorite house dress--the print is apples and pears :-)

    I wish Goody still made the curlers I have (I can't seem to find them anywhere) but as I mentioned above, if you search for "bendy foam curler" you'll find a couple of similar Japanese products. Here's a link to one of them (I may order these just to test them out for my blog):

  12. The secret is a proper set ! Ta for that Amanda. Now I can be just as glam as you - not !
    As ever you look adorable. Great tutorial

  13. You have such beautiful angel hair and it always looks fantastic...hard to believe it is straight! Years ago when they first came out I used to use the bendy hot rods on my naturally curly/frizzy hair...and, before that I used to sleep in curlers - "ouch". :)

  14. I love your tutorials! Easy to follow and listen to. I appreciate the quality. I've looked ahead and already watched the triple roll delight tutorial and it convinced me to purchase a snood. Anywho, thank you!

  15. Just awesome.....so easy to follow and fantastic look. Thank you. You are just gorgeous!!!! ;)