Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She Wore Blue Velvet

Or in this instance, black jersey from Blue Velvet Vintage!

The next frock I modeled for Blue Velvet is Trashy Diva’s Mansfield, a killer, curve-hugging jersey dress plucked right out of the wardrobe of a 1950s bombshell. This is an elegant frock that would be right at home in the office (it’s just enough “sexy secretary” without being too much), as well as on the town. It features a fabulous ruched cummerbund, a wide, double-breasted collar, and a knee-length sheath skirt. It’s made from a soft knit that is heavy enough to suit colder climes, and as a bonus, this fabric resists wrinkles quite well (making it the perfect dress to toss on when you’re rushed in the morning—you’ll look put together and polished in seconds flat .) To me, the Mansfield embodies what made 19 50s-60s fashion so great—it’s a figure-flattering, versatile piece with plenty of eye appeal, and is both ladylike and glamorous all at once.

Stay tuned for the Blue Velvet Vintage holiday special!

Amanda Lee


  1. I thought the dress was lovely until you said wrinkle resistant and then I thought it was magnificent! Going to check it out right now!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Hi! Sorry to "bother" you on an old post but I was thinking of getting the Mansfield dress now. Do you have any comments on the sizing; did you model in your normal size? The sizing seems rather generous as the dress has stretch. But then again my measurements are not yet quite back to normal after having my baby so I was sceptic to ordering such a small size as the chart would indicate. But I guess it is rather roomy in the bust due to the cut and stretch. Jsut as long as the arms are not snug... What was your opinion, if you remember still? Thanks :)

  3. It's been awhile since I modeled this one, but as I recall the fabric was a nice thicker-weight knit (very similar to vintage jersey) with a slight stretch (I know the description says that the material has a lot of give to it, but I don't remember the dress being that stretchy.) I did wear my regular size and it fit well, but it was a bit short-waisted for me (I've found Trashy Diva dresses tend to be a bit short-waisted on me, depending on the style.) The sleeves fit comfortably as well, but were a touch snug simply because they are a very fitted style. Overall I really liked the dress, and I think it would be a nice, cozy dress for a colder climate!