Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghostly Grable

For Halloween, Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures and I decided to do a spooky little shoot at one of the local cemetaries. I put together a ghostly pinup outfit with a 1940s midriff sweater and 1950s black velvet shorts (both eBay finds), my fave Remix Rita platforms, and a black dahlia in my hair. With a little photo trickery, I became a ghostly Grable ;-)

Amanda Lee


  1.'s awesome. I'm wondering how the photographer got that effect :)

  2. i love these pictures!!!its spooky but in a cute way!!!

  3. These photos were long exposures, about 30 seconds each. I had the strobes go off at the start of the exposure, which locked the image of Amanda in her pose, then I had her walk out of the frame as the 30 second exposure was completing. As that exposure was going, the image of what was behind her starts to show through her first image captured by the strobes.

    Her walking out of the frame also cause the extra "ghostly" images of her, away from her basic pose.

    Hope this explains it.


  4. Lovely pictures!!! I'm hoping to be able to have a so talented photographer too!!!
    I celebrate Halloween for the first time this year, it's not really popular here in FRANCE.
    I was a 30's good witch... you can see me there:

  5. Love these pictures!!! Now I believe in ghosts! :)