Monday, January 10, 2011

Sticking to those New Year Resolutions--eBay Goodies

1940s purple and hot pink crepe evening gown

Well, I pledged that I would organize my clothing collection in 2011, and here's my first round of eBay listings! I've listed a little something for everyone--from a 1940s glam evening gown to a classic 40s day dress, with a couple of stellar western pieces for good measure. Let me know if you see something you like--more items to follow in the coming weeks ;-)

Swinglindy's Auctions


Amanda Lee

Aqua and brown pinstriped 1940s day dress

1940s-50s dusty pink and forest green western skirt used in television work

My best gal pal Jere helped model this stunning turquoise western suit by Ranch Maid


  1. I shall have to go check them out. I don't usually go near eBay as a rule (I find the auction process too stressful for me ;]) but you have some amazing clothes I'll have to take a look.
    -Andi x

  2. Maybe you'll find something you just have to have, Andi! We have similar taste, so I have a feeling you'll really like some of the items I'll be listing :-)

  3. Oh gosh I love that skirt! But it probably wouldn't go over my ankles ;o)