Monday, January 17, 2011

Makeup Mondays—Kryolan Cream Liner

I’ve been a long-time user of Joe Blasco Ultamattes, as these liners work very well for me—both Midnight Brown and Eddie Leonard are excellent rich brown shades well suited for fair blonde complexions, and the formula is wonderfully water resistant and non-irritating to my sensitive eyes. However, when I bought a new tube of my favorite foundation, Kryolan TV Paint Stick, I couldn’t resist trying out a pot of the cream liner (I was almost out of my current liner, so it was a justifiable impulse buy.) I’m glad I did—the color Cacao is a lovely chocolate brown (a wonderful shade for pale blondes and redheads), and the formula has proven to be just as budgeproof, if not more so, than my favorite Ultamattes. I’ve been wearing this liner for the past several days, and it wears like iron—no smudging or fading, and best of all, no irritation (I have very sensitive eyes, and many products cause them to water like mad.) The texture is that of a firm gel/cream, and as it is highly pigmented, you only need a little to create that sought-after vintage cat eye. I apply it with a small sable filbert brush (Cinema Secrets #2)—the formula is creamy enough to apply smoothly, but not so creamy as to smear about as you apply it (like the formula of Clinique and Bobbi Brown’s cream liner options—I found both of these to be a royal pain to apply.) I have to say that Kryolan’s cream liner may be edging out my standby! So, if you are in the market for a new eyeliner, or looking to try a product that delivers what it promises, I highly recommend checking this one out!

Amanda Lee


  1. This looks nice! I use MAC fluidline. I like it but cleaning the brush everyday is annoying since I normally am 10 minutes late to work!!

  2. Such a pity we don't get this in the UK.

    BYW interesting piccy of Betty without makeup, very brave of her.

  3. Ooh, thanks. I've wanted to try their foundation for ever so might try this too.

  4. Brook--I have used Fluidlines as well, and do like this liner a lot, but became an Ultamatte convert a couple of years ago. I agree that cleaning the brush is a hassle, especially during the getting ready for work crunch--sometimes I skip this step until I get home :-)
    For brush cleaner, Cinema Secrets makes a fantastic one--it completely removes even the most stubborn makeup from brushes in just a few seconds!

    Miss M--that's so strange, as Kryolan is a German company. Have you tried ordering through eBay?

    Lisa--both are fantastic products, and not too expensive either! Let me know what you think of them if you decide to try them out :-)

    Miss Amethyst--do let me know if you try it out! I think you'd really like this liner :-)

  5. Interesting, I haven't tried Kryolan's yet. I have too many eyeliners as it is. Ben Nye came out with a new one too which I want to try.