Monday, January 24, 2011

Ahoy There!

I apologize for the cheesy blog title, but I couldn't resist ;-)

The military vehicle show turned out to be great fun--I had a fab time hanging out with Brenda Lee and Melissa Moxie. Both ladies were lots of fun to chat with, and I think our booth was quite a hit! Brenda Lee was representing the Pinup Angels, a group of pinups that puts together care packages for the troops. Melissa and I were both selling our 2011 calendars, which proved to be quite popular (everyone should have a pinup on their wall every day of the year, don't you think?) Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures photographed and filmed us (video clip to follow soon, so stay tuned!)--I wore my cheesecake Marine uniform (a custom design by V Vintage) on Saturday, and a pinup sailor outfit (borrowed from the Brenda Lee) on Sunday. Melissa and Brenda Lee also dressed in pinup military attire--and let me tell you, a lot guys asked us where they needed to go to enlist! We also met a gentleman who enlisted in 1945 at the age of 13 (he had some great stories) and a spitfire named Helen who was a WAVE--as you can see in the photos, her uniform still fit! All in all it was an enjoyable event, and I hope to be back next year.

Amanda Lee


  1. He looks like he's in heaven! Cutie!

  2. Oh Amanda, you look so beautiful in your little uniform! :) You never fail to amaze with your ability to dress well!

    This event sounds like a lot of fun!
    I love war history and being Russian, I care a lot about this subject.
    It is always amazing to meet veterans and listen to their stories. Every single person who has lived through those times has at least one story to tell. In Russia, every single family had someone in the front and all of my uncles and grandfathers were fighting. One of them did not come back, and all others were lucky to get away with a wound or two.
    I love to watch films (especially modern ones - they are historically more accurate) and documentaries about the war.

    Anyway, have a great day and I am staying tuned for the video!

  3. Betty Lou--he sure was glad to meet us! He had plenty of stories to share lol

    Rosy--the event was a lot of fun :-)

    Maria--thank you so much for the lovely comment, I enjoyed reading about your family history! I'd love to hear more, in fact!

    For The Love of Betty--thank you so much :-)

  4. This is so cool! I grew up a Navy brat, so I totally appreciate this event and all you and your mates contributed. you look so adorable in that sailor outfit. My dad's uniforms never looked this cute!

  5. Thank you, Marie! I received a number of "I don't remember the uniforms looking that good!" comments at the event as well--I told people I was wearing the new regulation uniform ;-)

  6. I love reading about WWII history - the individual's experience. Although, it can be very emotionally heavy it is very important & it makes one appreciate our freedom SO MUCH more. I just finished a book I found at the thrift store called, "Nina's Journey" by Nina Markovna. Oh, my! What a story she had to tell...she was a young Russian girl who saw the horrors of the war in Russia and Germany.
    One of my favorite books of that time is called, "The Spy Wore Red" by Aline, Countess of Romanones. It is a lighter tone & entertaining. She was one of the first OSS spies (btw, Julia Child also worked for the OSS!), and was assigned to mingle in high society in Spain. She wrote several books about her spy years. Before I found her books over 20 yrs ago - I used to wish I had been a spy during that time! I always wished they'd make a mini-series of it.
    Anyway, love your outfits & pics...did you ever see the 40s movie, "4 Jills in a Jeep"? - your pics just reminded me of that. I even found a copy of the book the movie was based on written by movie actress Carole Landis.

  7. Hi Amanda, this a beauty question:)

    I went back to read your articles Make up Mondays about foundation and blush, and in the comments you mentioned that AHA Mandelic acid exfoliation works for your sensitive skin very well.
    I also have very sensitive, dry, pink skin and it breaks out from time to time (clogged pores), and I can't tolerate mechanical exfoliants.
    Could you share what product you use.
    Thank you so much,

    Maria :)

  8. Thank you for the comment, tammyCA! The books you mentioned sound very interesting--I shall have to look for them :-)

    Maria~I've switched up my skincare routine a bit since I wrote that article--I'll be posting the details with product recs today :-)