Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latest Finds--Polka Dot Platforms

Okay, I am supposed to be saving right now, but when I came across these marvelous 40s platforms I just had to bid! I mean, I really did need a pair of white shoes to replace my current pair (which I adore but are too delicate to wear except for photo shoots these days), and it really is hard to find white platforms in a size 7.5. Especially ones with ankle straps and cute polka dot cutouts! So, I think I was justified in snagging these, don’t you think? ;-)

I'd love to hear about your latest finds--what has found its way into your closet recently?

Amanda Lee


  1. LOVE THEM!! So cute!! hope you win. i recently scored 2 free 50's vintage dresses with belaro jackets!! then yesterday got a leopard vintage hat, fab vntge green earrings. And i found vintage white opolish cat eye glases with gems!! :D (i know, me too ..saving money)

  2. There lovely the most recent find I have is a 1950s Catalina sweater =)

  3. Sounds like you've come across some great finds, Miss Amethyst! I'd love to see photos of those dresses :-)

    Hep~Kitten--I love 1950s sweaters! I'll bet your new one is fab :-)

  4. Those shoes are totally justified! I love the cut-outs and the heels!

    Like I stated on my blog, I recently scored some great wool skirts for winter, a beaded sweater for just over 13 bucks, unworn 50s pajamas, and yesterday I found a deadstock 50s plaid wiggle dress for only 43.40 USD! I was floored when I found it on Esty! I am on a savings binge too but I had to have that dress!

  5. So cute! As I've been out of a job these past few months I've had to curb my spending, but now I've got a new job I can start looking again, yay! I'm keeping my eye out for a 40s gown I can wear over Christmas. x

  6. I just (literally 15 mins ago) snagged a gorgeous vintage Hawaiian dress on Etsy! Label and maker weren't listed, but it looks like a Kamehameha to me. It has great colors.

    But my best recent steal was a 99 cent Miami Stylecraft lucite and wicker purse :)

  7. Haha! i shopping for vintage every week! hehe (my weakness!) its on my blog the pictures of the dresses...need to post the picture of glasses...
    heres the link to my blog.
    and the link to the pictures of the dresses:
    :) miss amethyst

  8. Cute!! I lucked into a bunch of 1940s, 30s, and even a pair of 20s shoes recently, absolutely exquisite. I'm a 7.5 too, and I can only wear one of the pairs of shoes I got, but they're so beautiful. Here's a pic of one pair: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62319795/vintage-1930s-brown-suede-shoes