Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beautiful Bombers

I'm wearing Able Grable's "For the Boys" frock
with my red linen 40s platforms, a red patent purse, and red celluloid jewelry

Two Sundays ago, three Commemorative Air Force planes landed at the Deer Valley Airport--B-17 The Sentimental Journey, B-25 Maid in the Shade, and the only flying B-29, FiFi. I stopped by to check them out for a bit before heading to my cigarette girl gig later that evening. I was glad I made it to the event--there was a wonderful turnout to see these amazing bombers! I even got to meet two gentlemen who trained B-29 pilots, which was quite a treat! I also got to meet one of my blog followers, Brittany, who was a real sweetie. I have to say that I love how blogging connects us--I've really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people both in person and online!


Amanda Lee

This is one of the gentlemen who trained B-29 pilots.
He told me he works at the Pima Air Museum
and to stop in and say hello the next time I visit :-)

Posing with another WWII vet--he came to the show with his daughter, who is taking the picture


  1. I love these pictures! That dress is amazing!

  2. Thanks Q! It's one of my favorite dresses to wear :-)

  3. wow that looks like fun! Beautiful dress. I just gave you an award on my blog those were very good years :D

  4. must have had a lot of fun!!

  5. you look so pretty. that dress is perfect on you and i love the matchy handbag and pumps.

  6. not only do you look absolutely perfect, but I can just imagine the smiles you brought to people (including those amazing vets). Awesome!

  7. love the pumps!! super cute!! wish i can still wear springish summer vintage clothes...its cold now!! Gave you an another award check it out! :

  8. It really was an awesome turnout -- so many people!! Seeing all the little kids just go crazy over the planes brought a smile to my face. The two Mustangs took off together a little while later, and that was a sight to see (and hear haha!!)
    Thanks for the mention :) It was great to meet you, too!

  9. Thank you for the award, Time Lark!

    It was fun, Hep~Kitten--I wish I could have stayed longer!

    MarieBayArea--thank you so much! I love matchy handbags and shoes :-)

    Baroness--thank you for such a sweet comment! One of the things I enjoy most about dressing vintage is that it makes people smile, and brings forth good memories of days gone by for so many people. It's so neat to have someone fondly say that I remind them of their mother or wife :-)

    MissAmethyst--you are too sweet!

    Brittany--darn, I'm sorry I missed the Mustangs flying by! That's always an amazing sight!

  10. A little story...I have to sleep with the sound of a fan and many years ago during a heat wave someone gave me their half broken old fan (no grill)...well, this was the BEST fan because it sounded like an old airplane (it was nicknamed "the B52")! It lulled me to sleep perfectly. Sadly, it finally gave out after several years of service & I've never found another like it. :( Another reason why I think I was born in the wrong time...why did I love this "familiar" sound? ;)