Monday, November 1, 2010

The Final Frontier

My Sweetie played a Halloween show on Saturday night, and we decided to dress as Captain Kirk and Yeoman Rand. My Sweetie found his costume at Easley's (how I love that place--I've rented so many cool costumes there, and scored a couple of amazing vintage pieces there as well), and I had mine made by Sherry of Silk Surroundings (the same seamstress who made my ghost costume for The Pinup and the Poltergeist).

Here we are posing with my Sweetie's two daughters--aren't they pretty? His younger daughter went as a flapper (I did her makeup) and the older daughter went as Katy Perry :-)
Amanda Lee


  1. Awesome!!!! Now getting back to the script!

  2. Fabulous costumes, you all look wonderful !!! I met Grace Lee Witney at a Marilyn Monroe auction I was working at. She was a member of the all girl band in "Some Like it Hot" and such a lovely lady.

  3. You have a lovely blog and these costumes are fabulous!!

  4. Thanks, everyone! We sure had a fun time dressed as Trekkies :-)

    Stay tuned for an upcoming project in which our costumes will make another appearance ;-)

  5. How cute!!! lovely!! :D miss amethyst

  6. Great look for the whole gang! My husband and I are a huge fans of Star Trek! I could watch the 60s series over and over! (I think the young William Shatner is hot! lol) Your Janice Rand look is perfect! Wonderful job!