Monday, April 29, 2013

Victory Vogue with The Black Pinafore

I recently had the opportunity to work with a new designer whose creations I have admired for ages. The Black Pinafore is an Italian seamstress who makes wonderful custom outfits, and she has a fantastic eye for detail and quality.
I chose a 1940s DuBarry pattern for a streamlined dress; the style features a bloused top that closes with a single button, cap sleeves, and a slim-fitting A-line skirt. Debora made up the dress in two different fabrics; the first is a crisp red chambray, and the second, which I'll be featuring next, is made up in lovely gold and white floral print. I was very impressed with her attention to detail--each dress featured shoulder pads covered in matching fabric and a beautifully turned out belt (featuring a vintage belt buckle that coordinated perfectly with the button); she also overlocked the seams, which makes for a very sturdy garment.

I went with a victory look for this dress—crocheted hair wrap from Arthelia's Attic, white platform heels by Johnson's Originals, a 'V for Victory' brooch, and red earrings and bracelet. The photos, by Atomic Age Pictures, were taken in a 1928 Pullman car that is famous for its use in presidential travel—every president from Hoover to Eisenhower rode in this car. It's now an exhibit at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

Amanda Lee


  1. Amanda, you are so beautiful, and I very lucky.
    See you soon. Thanks

  2. I love The Black Pinafore too. is a sweet a¡nd professional lady!

  3. Splendidly lovely, elegant warm weather ensemble. I really like how you partnered this cheerful, timelessly pretty frock with white shoes (I would have most likely done the same, too).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love love love these photos, you look so pretty. :)

  5. How fabulous to have your very own dress from vintage patterns! The dress fits you perfectly! Can I also say how fabulous your shoes are? What a great location to feel the vintage vibe! I bet you wish you could commute with this train daily!

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments, ladies! If anyone has been eyeing The Black Pinafore's designs, I can't recommend them enough!

    Also, I adore the shoes; they replaced my beloved 40s pair that sadly fell apart last year. I was so pleased to find a perfect reproduction of a 40s shoe in white (such a hard color to find) and they are super comfy too!

    Joanna--over the past few years I have gradually moved to wearing reproduction styles on a daily basis, as I have lost a number of my favorite vintage frocks to everyday wear and tear. Working with a seamstress like The Black Pinafore or NudeeDudee is a wonderful way to get a perfect reproduction of a vintage style that is still unique, fits you perfectly, and is sturdy enough for daily wear!

  7. Gorgeous dress, and very practical too - I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of it!

    Where were the photos taken? Looks amazing!

    P x

  8. Looking perfectly lovely as usual! I've been on the lookout for new white wedges because my 40's pair are heading toward the same fate as yours. Unfortunately, Johnson's shoes doesn't seem to be taking orders on them at the moment. I don't wear my actual vintage on a daily basis nowadays either. Reproductions are much safer when you spend your days with a 4 year old!

  9. Porcelina--Yes, it is definitely one of those dresses that is pretty and practical, making it very easy to wear :-) And the photos were taken at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

    Jennifer--They had a booth at VLV, so I am wondering if they are currently swamped with orders. And I can imagine that it's safer to wear reproductions with a little one! You sew though, right? I wish I had the time to hone my sewing skills!

    1. That's probably it. I'll have to keep checking back.

      Yes, I do sew. It definitely is a useful skill to have if you ever get a chance. I didn't sew very much for awhile because my son was in a "get into everything" stage, and it's difficult to sew and keep a toddler out of your stuff at the same time! He's much more helpful nowadays, so I've been making more clothing again.