Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goldenrod Summer Style

The second dress from The Black Pinafore is made out of a lovely goldenrod yellow cotton decorated with soft white and brown blooms. Debora used the same Du Barry pattern as the "Victory" dress, and paired this print with a brown button and matching carved belt buckle. I accessorized with 1940s butterscotch bakelite hoop earrings, a 1940s mah jong bracelet, 1940s brown leather and cream mesh shoes, and the white wrap from Arthelia's Attic.

The photos were taken by Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures at McCormick-Stillman Park.



  1. Very pretty. And, I love your shoes!

  2. Thank you, Molly! I found the shoes on eBay many years ago, they are wonderful to wear in the summer as the mesh makes them very cool and comfortable :-)

  3. My goodness, that's a cheerfully lovely frock. As the weather finally (ok, minus the few snowflakes that hit the higher elevations here in my town yesterday) starts to warm up, I'm feeling myself pulled more and more towards yellow this year (which is interesting, because it's not an easy colour for me to pull off, generally speaking).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. So cute! I certainly feel the warm weather coming when I see your lovely outfit. Boy oh boy, those shoes, these kind of shoes have been on my want list for awhile. I've seen recent repo kinds but I'm hoping to find a true vintage spectator pump at a reasonable price! It looks like you had a lot of fun photographing in your lovely frock. Beautiful! I'm with Jessica I wish I could pull off yellow even half as nicely as you do:)

  5. Thank you ladies! I love yellow, but can only wear certain shades. Lemon/butter yellows and golds seem to work best for me; ice pale yellows wash me out terribly!

    What size shoe do you wear, Joanna? I can certainly keep an eye out for you!

  6. So cute!Perfect for summer.And I love your shoes.

  7. I love all your whimsical photos, and that dress is so lovely. :)

  8. These photos bring joy.
    =) Thanks.