Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinafore Pretties

As the weather has turned colder here (finally, I might add; two weeks ago it was so disgustingly hot I didn't want to be outside for more than 30 seconds) I began to fancy adding a pinafore or suspender skirt to my wardrobe. I’ve always adored the style, and after modeling Jitterbuggin’s divine “Hawthorne” skirt, decided I *needed* one of my own. When I came across this delicious Hollywood pattern for an ultra-high waisted suspender skirt, I decided that must be a sign and set off in search of the perfect fabric. JoAnn’s happened to have a rich cocoa brown and teal plaid that mirrored the pattern view I’d fallen in love with, and Vee Vin Tag is now whipping up my skirt.

I’ll be picking up my finished skirt in a few days and look forward to sharing an OOTD designed around it! It finally feels like winter here, and I’m sure I’ll be getting plenty of wear out of this skirt all season long.

In the meantime, here are a few equally delightful options that are begging to be added to your closet:

Jitterbuggin’s Hawthorne skirt (in Navy and Green, both must haves!)

Vivien of Holloway’s Pinafore Skirt (gotta love plaid skirts, especially this version)

NudeeDudee’s Georgina Skirt (in springy sage green, oh my)

Time Machine Vintage’s Mandy and Mia Pinafores (I can't decide which version I like best)

The Black Pinafore's lovely creation (modeled by the stunning Riikka of Harlean's Heyday; The Black Pinafore is currently offering a giveaway to celebrate reaching 100 followers, which means you could win this wonderful skirt!)

Amanda Lee


  1. oo!!!! i love them all!!wish list item!! ;)

  2. Oooooooo , Amanda Lee, thanks for this great advertising ..... I love your blog and your style is perfect!

  3. I absolutely love pinafore skirts and you've certainly linked some of the very best that the web has to offer. Thank you for the lovely compliment, you're the sweetest! Can't wait to see your new pinafore! :)

  4. Swoon!! these pinafores are simply perfect!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed this post, ladies! I'm eagerly awaiting the finished skirt :-)

    Riikka--I always admire your stunning style!

    TheBlackPinafore--You're very welcome! I think you do a lovely job with your designs, and I hope I am the lucky winner of your giveaway!

  6. I will make myself one! Thank you for posting these inspiring photos!