Sunday, April 17, 2011

Motion Pinups - A Day at the Zoo

The latest Motion Pinup, "A Day at the Zoo" takes us on a lighthearted trip around the zoo. All starts well on this bright, sunny day, but trouble awaits and soon enough the hunt is on. I hope you enjoy it!

Amanda Lee


  1. OMG!! i just love your motion pinups !!! they r my fave sitcom ;) :D i love your sweater its too cute!!! ( and your glasses...just bought a pair !!)

  2. Thank you so much, Miss Amethyst--you are so sweet!

    The sweater was made for me by Dixabilly--here's a link to her etsy page :-)

  3. simply adroable!!!!! what a fun idea...can't wait to see more. You look amazing doll...Cat

  4. How fun, and I love the stare Pat has, priceless. What an interesting neckline your dress has, I may have to look into one of those.