Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fair Gypsy

Last Sunday Matt Carson and I went to the Ren Faire here. Matt attends several fairs in Arizona, California, and Texas, and he's been telling me about how much he enjoys them as he meets so many wonderfully decked out subjects to photograph. This year I decided to go with him and see for myself, and indeed, I had a great time people watching and hanging out with my good friend! I went as a gypsy (albeit a Marilyn Monroe-esque gypsy) and he took a few shots of me as well. Hope you like them!

Amanda Lee


  1. Beautiful shots! I love the outfit.

  2. Thanks Doug! I borrowed it from Rose's belly dance costume collection :-)

  3. I love gypsies, belly dancing, and all thing's 50's, so this shoot is a win win for me!

  4. The one at the bottom is my own favorite, but I love all of them.