Saturday, April 24, 2010

Able Grable Chorus Girl

A few photos of the Miss Scarlett Street Blouse in raspberry satin, taken by Atomic Age Pictures! This is a versatile top that can be dressed up or down with ease--it's a must-have wardrobe staple!
Amanda Lee

1950s Black Velvet Shorts
Polka Dot Tights
1950s Black Velvet Heels
1950s black plastic and rhinestone earrings
Besame Wild Orchid Lipstick


  1. Oh, such a gorgeous color! You've totally got those Grable gams, doll.

  2. The blouse is gorgeous and I love your hair!!

  3. These photo's remind me so much of Ginger Rogers in Roxie Heart ! Lovely

  4. You look smashing! Love this! Have a whimsical week, darling!

  5. Thank you, ladies! This was a fun outfit to shoot--and Roxie Hart was the gal I had in mind when I put the outfit together :-)

  6. Really nice '40s film noir shots and love your outfit. I was just cruising around some vintagey blogs and this model on a catalog page of dresses I came across looks just like you:
    Scroll down to April 5th entry and the model in the floral broadcloth. :)

  7. LOVE THESE PIX!!!!!!!

    You'll love Garance Dore shoot of us!!!