Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lemon Chiffon

A few weeks ago I ordered a custom bolero sweater made by the seller Dixabilly, who just let me know that it is ready to be mailed. She knitted it up from a forties pattern in a delicious lemon yellow, and I am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive! It will match quite a few of my outfits (I'm rather fond of this shade of yellow) and will be just the thing to wear once it cools off a few more degrees! I suspect I will be ordering this little sweater in quite a few more colors as well ;-)


  1. Fabulous! I live in my Dixabilly cardis and jumpers, I was just recently thinking about ordering some new boleros - I want a white and a black one. Then I remembered I have no job or money! Boo hooooo!

  2. I'm excited for it to arrive--I know I am going to love it :-)

    What color would you order, MissMatilda?

  3. divine! I hadn't heard of Dixabilly, so thanks for the link!

  4. Her prices are quite reasonable and her work looks great too!

    After seeing Fleur's fabulous peach sweater, I was inspired to order one of my own and was delighted when I came across Dixabilly's store on Etsy :-)

  5. Darling! I love any shade of yellow! It's such a happy color...

    Looking forward to our collaboration!