Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Fashion Delights

Since I am pretending that the weather is cooling down here (ha!) I decided to post a bit of fashion inspiration for fall. After viewing these, I'm rather looking forward to breaking out the cool-weather clothing!

Leopard, oh my!

These lovely fur-trimmed jackets are quite inspiring. Hmmm...

Knitwear at its finest

A good pair of trousers is a definite cool-weather must

Plaid wool is always a cozy choice as well

So, is anyone else looking forward to the changing season? What ensembles will you be wearing this fall and winter?


  1. U read my mind.. I have been eyeing those vintage fur trimmed jackets! and I think plaid wool is a must this fall too!

  2. I've got a few fur-trimmed jackets--you wouldn't think I'd need them at all in AZ but I do get to break them out eventually lol

  3. oh, divinity!!!! There is a distinct crispness to the air here, so I'm very ready for fall. Thanks for these inspiring images!

  4. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather down here! =] Although, I did just buy a bunch of vintage knitting patterns. hehe.
    I just love that first leopard trimmed outfit. Too cute.
    -Andi x

  5. Laura--That sweater was my favorite too. I'm picturing it made up with Bakelite or wooden buttons, in hunter green or coral. And the sad thing about living in AZ for over 20 years is that the winters here feel really cold to me now lol

    LandGirl--Glad you enjoyed the images!

    Andi--I forget that the weather where you live is completely opposite ours! After about two months of wearing cold weather clothing I know I'll be ready to break out the spring fashions again :-)

  6. I know what you mean Amanda, yesterday I took out some of my winter Vintage wardrobe and started washing and plotting outfits and new sewing projects! A little too anxious for Arizona I know, but I'm ready too! Oh I wish I knew how to knit(sigh)...


  7. Ah! I love 1940s suits and little sweaters.

  8. I've seen that green knit wiggle dress before, I so love it!!

  9. Isn't the green knit dress divine? I have a definite weakness for 40s knit dresses and sets :-)