Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polka Dots and Sunbeams

When I saw how much time had passed since my last entry, I was quite surprised! Where does the time go, and how does it fly so fast?

Today I have a bit of a sneak preview of my latest collaboration with The Black Pinafore. I thought you might like a glimpse of the fabulous polka dot and floral fabric that is so perfect for cheerful and sun-drenched weather! These photos were taken by Matt Carson; I'll be posting additional photos from Atomic Age Pictures, along with a full description and review, very soon!

Till then!

Amanda Lee



  1. Gorgeous! And *such* a fun and summery combination of colors, I adore it!

  2. Thanks, Tasha! It is a fun color combination, and the bright blue is so cheerful :-)

  3. Lovely, the blouse you are wearing has some brilliant colors! Everytime I see Vogue August 1938 with the lady and the muff, I see you! Maybe you might consider a recreation of this iconic cover one day in the future.

  4. What a strikingly pretty colour palette. These primary hues looks so gorgeous with your soft blonde hair. Fabulous outfit and sneak peek - can't wait to see even more.

    Happy start of summer, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look stunning! I love the hat and fabric of your dress

  6. I discovered your short movies on Youtube the other day and am totally in love! Please make more!! ^^ You are so pretty! xx

  7. Glad to know you are OK and happy to see you again! The HAT!!!!! Oh my!!


  8. Thank you so much for the kind words! After a long weekend of filming for Space Rangers and playing band gigs, it was so nice to pop by my blog and read them :-)

    The hat came from Dillard's, believe it or not! I found it a couple of years ago (they may still sell it, or something similar) and just had to have it :-)

    You're in luck Dolly--Doug and I just finished a short video for Jitterbuggin Clothing, and I will be posting it soon!

    Joanna--that is a fabulous magazine cover! Thank you for the photo idea, I actually have a fur-trimmed jacket similar to that :-)

  9. Love those colours & the hat - you look perfect!