Friday, February 1, 2013

The Hotel Congress Incident

Two weekends ago, I attended Tucson's Dillinger Days with my friends Veronica, Lana, and Doug. The event, known as the "Hotel Congress Incident," is one we like to go to—the Congress is always a treat to see, even if the event festivities drag on a bit. Mostly, we enjoy seeing the turnout of fabulous vintage cars, checking out the other attendees' ensembles, and sneaking in a bit of vintage shopping.

This year, I outfitted my two best pals in retro clothing from my wardrobe. I'd just received a package from the fabulous NudeeDudee, and the two tops she sent were perfect for a 30s look! I wore her navy blue and white striped sailor top, paired with a retro red skirt borrowed from Veronica and blue 40s heels. Veronica wore the gingham wrap blouse with a blue skirt from her closet, and a vintage bluebird pin borrowed from me. Lana wore Jitterbuggin's delightful green and white floral feedsack blouse, with tan 50s wool pencil skirt that I thought had a bit of 30s flair to it and red accessories.

After lunch at HUB Restaurant and Creamery, we headed over to Razzle Dazzle Vintage. I did my best to restrain myself (by visualizing the immense sale pile occupying my guest bedroom) and came home with lovely 1950s jacket accented with beaded "fireworks" designs, a yellow satin late 1930s blouse, and red 1940s-50s box purse trimmed with white saddle stitching. Not too shabby and still within the allowance I gave myself!

After an hour or so at the store, we were all shopped out and headed home. Of course, as Lana and I are big coffee drinkers, we stopped at drive through coffee shop for a caffeinated treat. I went with the cherry cordial frappe, which turned out to be a sweet way to end the afternoon!

xoxo, Amanda Lee


  1. You - and your beautiful friends - look so wonderfully lovely! I've been crushing on Nudeedudee's offering for ages. I'd really love for this to be the year that I (finally) add one of more of her marvelous garments to my closet, too.

    ♥ Jessica