Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Honey Sisters Go to the Fair

Though my Sweetie and I were gone most of October, we made it home in time to attend the State Fair the last day it was open.  It's a tradition of ours to go ever year, and we try to attend the County Fair as well--after all, what's more fun than spending way too much money on cotton candy, corndogs, and carousel rides? 

This year we went with our good friends Veronica and Lana (my vintage 'sisters') and our friend Doug Monce, who photographed our fair exploits. Here are a few snaps from that day--I'm wearing my Carole Landis dress (made by NudeeDudee), 1940s glass cherry earrings and necklace, and "Dorothy" heels (by Betseyville.) Veronica is wearing a vintage petal bust dress and Lana is wearing a strawberry print sundress made by Vee Vin Tage.



  1. I adore going to the fair so much! Looking forward to its arrival in our little town each year as a child (back then it often showed up around/in April) was such a fun part of my childhood - though not nearly as fun as visiting the fair itself. To this day I still get giddy at the prospect of going, and continue to look forward to when those telltale trailers pull up in the community centre parking lot again.

    All of you ladies look absolutely gorgeous! I adore your dress and cute earrings - so sweet and cheerful!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. all of you are so adorable. You are always dressed with the most authentic ensembles, I love all of your outfit post. I wish I could take over your closet darling!

  3. Oh my darling, you and your friends look so wonderfully authentic and beautiful. You are so lucky that you have friends with a similar love of vintage as you, must make shopping trips a whole lot more fun. Looks like you had a fab time at the fair,
    Love Lil x