Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ink and Iron

A couple of weekends ago my Sweetie and I headed out to the Ink and Iron festival.  His band had been booked to perform at the event, and we were quite exited to visit the Queen Mary!  It was quite a treat to appear at such a fun event on such a beautiful ship.  Our visit was a whirlwind three days, and of course I took hardly any photos (sometimes I wonder why I even bother bringing a camera, I never remember to use it).  But I do have a few to share with you!

On the drive out, we stopped at the wonderfully tacky Cabazon dinosaurs.  I'm wearing an Allure Original Styles dress in navy linen with a coordinating flecked cream bolero jacket.  It was so windy that my turban refused to stay anchored!

We managed to visit the beach before the show on Saturday--I wore my Carole Landis dress by NudeeDudee, paired with a Dixabilly bolero sweater and red jewelry.

Since we performed on the ship, I couldn't resist going full-on nautical. My dress is an original design based on a 1940s Hollywood pattern and was made by Vee Vin Tage--I just love the bright blue linen collar! The patches on the sleeves are from WWII, and would have been worn by the ship's musician. I was quite excited to find these--my grandfather was in the Navy, and although he wasn't a Navy musician, he was a trumpet player who performed in many bands. I think he would have been pleased with my choice!

Before we drove home on Sunday, we stopped in Newport Beach to see the ocean one more time (and I snuck in a little shopping at Swellegant--I love that shop!).  I wore another Vee Vin Tage custom design--this one a red, white, and blue floral rayon dress trimmed in white pique--along with one of my trusty Arthelia's Attic snoods.

Amanda Lee


  1. Oh my word, each look is so, so thoroughly beautiful and summertime perfect! Love every dress, detail, hairstyle - you name it, I'm swooning over it!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You were there? I was there! Oh how I wish we could have met. Love your outfits.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. You look so beautiful! I swear, you look more and more beautiful with every photo you post!!

    I am going to Queen Mary tomorrow morning with my husband. We drove from San Jose, CA for 7.5hrs to spend a couple of days in LA, and this is one of the must-visit places.


  4. I just descovered yout blog and I love it!

    check it out!

  5. You always looks like you're having the best time!