Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Secrets of Matilda's Vintage Closet

Atomic Age Pictures visits Matilda's Vintage Closet and shows us the magic that goes on after hours!

We had a blast collaborating with friends Rose (co-owner of the shop), Veronica Kelly, and Lana Flynn for this one! Matilda's Vintage Closet is definitely a vintage lover's dream, with fabulous clothing and accessories from our favorite decades--you'll find all the things you are searching for along with plenty of items you didn't even know you needed!

A big thanks to Doug for doing such a wonderful job putting this together :-)

Amanda Lee


  1. That is really cute! I love the store:) Y'all must have had so much fun!!!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    This is so adorable and gorgeous! And the clothes are to die for. I was wondering about the store for a while because you always mention it and now I have to visit it! How are the prices there?

  3. Oh my goodness !! that was so wonderful, it's my new favourite !!

  4. So clever & creative...always love watching these mini-movies and being transported to the past. What a heaven of vintage clothing goodness, too.

  5. Amanda ! What a fabulous video. Well done girls and kudos to your director. My fave video in a long time. I've blogged about it.Happy Christmas doll !x