Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jitterbuggin Goes to the Beach

Though summer is winding down, here in the desert the weather's still mighty hot! In fact, I think it will be playsuit season for a few weeks yet--but that's fine by me when the playsuit is Jitterbuggin's amazing Manzanita style! This cutie has the forties details we all love best--a fabulous shirred top (all the better to enhance your assets), flattering tie bottoms, and a snappy cotton fabric in bright and gold stripes. I have to say it was quite the hit at the park where Atomic Age Pictures and I shot these photos on Sunday--I think this one will be a must-have item come spring and summer!


Amanda Lee


  1. Omg!! i love that swim suit!!!..yes..already on my wish list now!! :D

  2. The pink and white version would be so pretty on you, Miss Amethyst!

  3. Oh my!!! Stunning. <3

    Now I got inspired to start sewing. Ned to get rid of the vertigo first tho...

    I think I have a sewing pattern for a two piece much like yours.

  4. You are perfection from head to toe. I always said that you look like an amazing pin up who stepped out from the 40s! So lovely! Perhaps modern color photography gives us a glimpse into how the 40s girls would really look on photographs if they had the same technology back then.


  5. Kodachrome was invented in the 1930's, so there are actually quite a few color photos of pinups from the 40's. It was my attempt to make these look like that 1940's Kodachrome color.