Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Fashion--The Patio Dress

I'm a huge fan of patio, or squaw, dresses, and have collected quite a few over the years. I can't resist the bright colors (tropical turquoises, eye-popping pinks, and garden fresh greens) and I'm a serious sucker for metallic rick rick--the more the better! Patio dresses tend to be made from cool, airy, and wilt free fabrics, which makes them perfect for hot weather, and I find myself reaching for them all summer long.

I found this coral and silver number with its original belt at a vintage shop in Jerome. It's been shortened at some point in its past life, and I'll probably let the hem down again, but it made a festive choice for a recent shoot with Matt Carson. These photos were taken around Jerome, one of our favorite shooting haunts.


Amanda Lee


  1. Oh, these pictures are so pretty!! You look stunning :)
    I'm a fellow patio dress fan; in fact, my very first vintage dress was a '50s turquoise ric-racced ensemble not unlike this one. They're such sweet dresses; yours is just darling!

  2. I love these dresses, too! But I don't have any of my own. This colour looks great on you. =]
    -Andi x

  3. That is such a lovely dress, the colour is perfect on you x

  4. I made a little preview of you posts and I must admit that you always have a wonderful outfit! Especially I like your photos on which you're wearing nylons. Amazing blog and brilliant photos:-)

  5. You look amazing!!! I seen a dress in a local vintage shop!! Its soo cute !! it reminds me of what you are wearing but it was kelly green! Your hair looks amazing!!!

  6. Oh, you look divine! I love patio dresses so much! My grandma gave me one of her square dance skirts + the petticoat when I was about 10, a turquoise and silver ric rac affair. I wore that thing until it fell apart. I need to find (or make) another like it!