Monday, May 30, 2011

Of Polka Dots and Playsuits

One of my favorite outfits is this adorable 40s midriff top and shorts set, made by Hollywood Premiere in a soft aqua and cream polka dot print. It’s a candy sweet confection with piping trim, gathered sleeves and a shirred bust—I have to say it’s one of my all-time favorite finds! I bought it from the fantastic Vee Vin Tage—these lovely gals sell vintage in addition to designing and sewing the most wonderful reproductions. They found this set at a popular vintage store in California—apparently Hillary Duff had just tried it on. I’m sure glad she passed on it, and even more glad that V Vintage decided to part with it as well! These photos were taken by the talented Matt Carson, one of my favorite portrait photographers to work with, at an afternoon shoot a few days ago.

Amanda Lee


  1. Oh, what a wonderful find!! It's so adorable!!
    I'm glad Miss Duff passed on it, I'm sure it suits you much better ;-)

  2. Beautiful shots, and as always, fantastic legs!

  3. Thank you Baroness! I think it's just the cutest style :-)

    Q--I totally thought of you when I was posting these--it's definitely an outfit I can see you wearing!

    I love the color too, Jaede :-)

  4. ah your skin is amazing!
    and that outfit is very pretty, i'm glad that she passed on it too, but how neat is that to know she just barely had it.
    beautiful photos!

  5. Beautiful Photos! They are also, very well illuminated. It's not so easy to achieve such a delicate image, when shooting outdoor.

  6. After all this time and you have not changed,still as beautiful inside and out! So happy to have re-located you. xx

  7. So sweet! Darling outfit and make-up!