Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beauty Finds

The beautiful Dolores Moran primping for the camera
I've been obsessed with cosmetics for many years; I've always suspected this had something to do with my mother not allowing me to wear makeup until I was a teen. She and my sisters are beauty minimalists (and are quite beautiful in their natural state, I might add, and of course being brunettes they were blessed with eyebrows that need no help), but I've been a glamour girl for many years! For me, applying makeup is an enjoyable experience, one that makes me feel feminine and well, glamorous, and I am always searching for the latest and greatest product (I attribute this to my grandmother, who was always trying the newest magic potions--it's got to be an inherited trait!)

A vintage look by Kryolan

So, I thought I would share a couple of my newest finds with you today! The first is a fantastic foundation made by Kryolan, a cosmetics company that started in 1945. As someone with very pale skin, finding a color match has always been a challenge. Because of this, I much prefer pro “stage” makeup lines, as they offer much wider color ranges (and I think we can all benefit from a greater variety of shades). Though they have a rep for being thick, “pancake” heavy makeups, the finishes and textures are actually quite lovely when properly applied. One needs a much thinner layer of product due to the higher pigment-to-filler ratio, and the high pigment concentration also means that the products wear very well (they need to survive under hot stage lights, making them great for hot/humid days.) I tried Kryolan’s TV Paint Stick on a whim, and have been thoroughly impressed with it for the few months I’ve used it. The finish is fantastic; it has lovely, buildable coverage; and the color TV White is a perfect match for my skin tone (which is about a MAC NC/NW5-10, if MAC made that color.) You can’t beat the $11 price tag, either! I've strayed a couple of times, but I always come back to this foundation--and dare I say it *gasp* I've lost all interest in trying more foundations!

The second product that I’ve recently tried is Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion. I cold set my hair using perm rods, and on occasion use setting lotion for extra hold (though on the whole, I set my hair with water only.) In the past I’ve been very loyal to Lottabody, but I may now be a convert to Proclaim! My hair is thick and fairly straight, and though color treated, it's in very good condition and now more reluctant to take the curl than it has been in the past. Enter Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion--and bam, my hair is curling like a dream! And the set lasts even better and longer than before--I am very pleased with my new solution. A mere $4 at Sally's sets you up with a generously-sized bottle that is easy to use (3-4 pumps of product, no diluting required) and pleasantly scented. Call me hooked!

So there you have it--my two latest beauty "wins"! What beauty finds have you come across lately, dear readers?


Amanda Lee


  1. what a shame I can't try them here, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr xx Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'd be happy to send you some, if you'd like!

    I've purchased Kryolan cosmetics on eBay--there is a British seller who has the TV Paint Stick listed right now (her ID is johannapatricia.)

  3. Your skin always looks so flawless, I'm itching to try the TV Paint Stick. I generally tend to stay away from stage make up lines for fear they will irritate my sensitive skin.
    Is this an everyday foundation for you?

  4. We have a Sallys here so I might be able to try the setting lotion if they stock it!

  5. Straight Talking Mama - It's really been working well for me--the difference is amazing! It’s one of the few products that’s worked well enough for me to write a review :-)

    Ginger - My skin is naturally quite pink, and I need a medium-full coverage foundation to even it out. This is my everyday foundation, and it works very well for me! My skin is very sensitive and reactive (and combo/oily too), and I've had no trouble with irritation or breakouts. I apply a few swipes (a swipe under my eyes, across my cheeks, and dab on my chin, nose and forehead) and blend with a damp sponge (I recommend using a Hydrasponge) for great coverage with a very natural finish.

  6. I am eager to try the TV paint stick. By the end of the day, my makeup is usually melting off my (already combo/oily) face due to the AZ sun (which I'm sure you are familiar with!) Do you know of a way to determine your shade prior to purchasing? I have trouble with some makeup turning orange on my skin (thank you oil) and I'd hate to get a shade that does not work out.
    I absolutely ADORE your site, by the way :) It's great to see my home state photographed in such a vintage and entertaining way. I had no idea the Shady Dell existed before you reviewed it -- now I'm dying to try it out!! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment, Brittany!

    I took a guess when I ordered this foundation, but you can email Kryolan and a makeup artist can assist you with color choice. They actually told me I could send them a swatch of a foundation that matched my skin tone, and they would match it to their product, but my first guess worked out so I have yet to try out this offer. Also check the reviews at think a few people mentioned what shades they got and their corresponding MAC shade, which may help you as well :-)

    I completely understand the makeup melting off and/or turning orange issue! Heat and oily skin don't mix, that's for sure! This is another reason why I like "stage" lines--the high pigment content means the makeup is much less likely to oxidize. The TV Paint Stick holds up fantastically in the heat and humidity--its lasting power is impressive!

    One other trick is to set the foundation with silica powder (you can pick this up inexpensively through I use this powder I have no oil breakthrough (and it even absorbs sweat--I've worn this dancing and my makeup held its satiny matte finish!)

  8. will you come do my makeup and make me pretty??!! next time you visit make me up! haha ;o)

  9. Is there a store that stocks the foundation or only a web site ?
    I would be interested in trying it out

  10. You're already an absolute doll, Q! But it would be fun to do your makeup sometime :-)

    Jaede--I don't know of any stores in AZ that stock it, but I know there are stores in other states that do. I would check to see if any costume shops in your area carry the brand. But if you can't find a local vendor, try emailing them to see if they will match a color swatch for you :-)

  11. Thank you for the info, we do have a great costume store here so I will check them out.

  12. Dear Amanda, thank you for sharing this information. I want to try these products!

    I wonder how often do you wet set your hair? How many times per week? Do you sleep on your perm rods?

    Thank you,


  13. I'm really excited to hear about the Kryolan foundation! (Especially since you have a similar skin type to mine: pale and combination!) I've been trying to find a foundation that doesn't bust the bank and stays put through the heat and humidity of Florida summers. I think I'll have to track this down. ;)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  14. Jaede--Let me know what you think when you find it!

    Maria--I set my hair every evening (though I only wash it every three days or so). The curl flattens right out if I don't re-set it, unfortunately. However, if the front of my hair is rolled, I usually leave those in place and just set the back :-)

    Casey--let me know if it works for you!

  15. huge fan and I'd love for you to check out MY blog at
    :) <3


  16. Thank, Lauren! I will check out your blog :-)

  17. you are such an inspriation to me!!your style and everything!!for tips that i found cool is that i like rimmel london matte finish foundation in there lightest color. it gives this matte creamy finish and it doesnt melt off. My second tip is that yes i do style with water ...what i find helpful for girls who have shiney hair that needs extra softness to there hair is my paul mitchel skinny drops!! love that stuff i put it in my hair while wet and set it and its so shiney easy to style with ect. i want to get the proclaim foam . so i have to check it out!! thanks!!
    -Miss Amethyst

  18. Beautiful as always!
    I just moved to Phoenix from California and am in desperate need of a hair cut. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me a clue on a great vintage stylist out here for a "Middy" cut. Thanks Doll!

  19. Thanks for the kind words, Vintage Girl! I enjoyed reading your tips as well :-)

    Slam--I love my hairdresser, but I've never had my hair cut in a middy (I just get a layered cut). If you'd still like his info tell me your email and I'll send it to you; he does an excellent job with cuts and color and his prices are fab too :-)

  20. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. I don't want to trust my hair to just anyone! My Email is Thank you again!