Thursday, May 20, 2010

Latest Finds

Because a girl can never have too many Bakelite cherries!

And since the hot weather makes me want to dress in tropical attire, I just couldn't say no to this 1940s jersey frock in a splashy pink and red anthurium print.

So, tell me about your latest finds!

Amanda Lee


  1. Beautiful dress! My latest find is a red/white gingham dress.

  2. Wow, that dress is too good to be true!
    I just bought an amazing 40s playsuit with a matching skirt!

  3. That sounds like a killer find, Q!

  4. OMG the brooch!I adore bakelite and bakelite cherries are awesome

  5. The cherries are too fabulous !

  6. Cute finds! I haven't bought anything in what seems like ages, unfortunately.
    -Andi x

  7. oooohhh I love bakelite cherries and I don't own any! My mom used to make me wear these fancy dresses with cherries on them as a kid so I sorta hated them for a little while, but now that the overdose is... over, I'm back and loving them more than ever.
    My latest great find was a 70s floral and cotton dress.