Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windows to the Soul

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with California photographer John Eaves. We did a classic western series, and as John works for Paramount Pictures (he's a fantastic artist), we did a fun Star Trek pinup set with the official costume and props. He sent me this photo that he especially liked (cropped from one of the western photos--note my gunslinger earrings :-))--I think it's an interesting shot, don't you?


  1. omg omg! i'm a huge star trek fan and i loooove your photoshoot! Official costume & props, i'm dying of envy!

  2. This is gorgeous girlie! I absolutely love it! Hope you are having a great day hunny! Kori xoxo

  3. Those photos are to die for, I wonder who the costume was made for? I just love the fact you had real props to wear!

  4. Very sexy! Captain Kirk would have drooled all over the bridge. Maybe you're wearing Lt. Uhura's costume! (Dad was a huge Star Trek fan, I grew up with it.)

    Very bewitching eyes, as he says. What colour are they? :)

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    The Star Trek series was definitely a lot of fun! I'm not sure the costume I wore was worn in the movie, but it is the official "regulation" uniform. It has a great 60s vibe, don't you think?

    Laura--my eyes are green :-)